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If there is one place in the world I have always wanted to see it is the Grand Canyon.  As this was probably a once in a lifetime opportunity, I decided to push the boat out.  I opted for a tour that included a light aircraft flight over both the canyon and the hoover dam, a helicopter ride down into the canyon basement and finally a boat ride down the colorado river that runs through the canyon.  It was expensive but worth every penny ( or in this case cents).

Flying over the Hoover Dam was outstanding, ive seen documentaries on TV about how it was built but you can`t appreciate the scale of the whole thing.  After landing we were taken by coach to various key points on the canyon including Eagle point and the famous skywalk.

  I have very mixed feelings about the skywalk.  The is no doubt it always visitors to have unique views of the canyon that would not otherwise be possible but part of me feels we should leave the canyon to be seen as nature intended. Plus they insist you hand over your camera before stepping on and then charge you a small fortune for their professional pics of you on it!!

Next stop was the helipad for helicopter ride into the base of the canyon.  My advise to anyone visiting the canyon would be to do the helicopter ride if you can afford it.  If you can`t afford it sell a kidney on ebay, sell your granny do whatever it takes, you must do the helicopter ride, it simply blows you away.  I cannot begin to describe my level of excitement as we weaved between the canyon walls descending to the base of the canyon. 

After landing we all boarded a little boat that took us on a gentle sail down the river.  I had foolishly chosen to take the tour at midday and the temperature was nearing 110F but it was worth it.  The boat ride only lasts for about 30 minutes but it gives you the best appreciation of the depth of the canyon.  The return helicopter ride was just as magnificent as the first however this time i chose to keep my camera in my pocket. 



X_Drive says:
Between the cost of going onto that glass and not being able to take your camera is just totally wrong. Someone sold the Indian tribe that owns that portion of the land a real bill of goods and makes a bloddy fortune from it. :(
Posted on: Feb 19, 2010
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