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This weekend, we had friends come to stay to go to the Muse gig.  I hadn’t seen
Muse since 2000 – 10 years ago.  Aside from the total slap that comes when you
realise you can say “last time I saw that band was 10 years ago” and the second
slap when you realise that you are two dress sizes larger too,  I was excited. 
When I last saw them, around the time they released their first album, they were
already building a reputation for a stunning live show.  Of course, Matt Bellamy
was a skinny young kid with a red t-shirt – it was before he even started dying
his hair, let alone wearing suits made of sequins.  Lost in a nostalgic glow, we
headed off to the Lancashire Cricket Ground.
The Lancashire Cricket Ground is, essentially, Old Trafford; the Man U stadium
is about a three minute walk from the ground.

  This means that there are
regularly tens of thousands of extra people streaming into Trafford and the
council are pretty good at redirecting every feasible tram up the Altrincham
Line.  Despite this, we had to let three trams go past us because there was no
way of cramming in.  And that meant that we missed the beginning of the Editors,
which was a shame because they were absolutely brilliant.  I guess the curfew
must have been early, because they did seem to finish quite early in the

Then there was the inevitable swanning about finding a better place to stand and
some beers and things.  The sound checks were surprisingly quick, and before we
knew it, the big globe at the top of the stage was a glowing eye, scanning the
  I don’t actually mean that in any metaphorical way – there was a big eye
projected onto the globe thing.
Muse deserve their live reputation.  The music is incredible, everyone is
amazing, and there were suits made of sequins and suits made of LED lights. 
They played for a little over two hours, I think, and the lights and the
pyrotechnics and the… the *theatre* of it all was just stunning.  They came out
into the crowd on a flying saucer several times.
Alas, I had only taken my iphone.  The IPhone is a miraculous piece of kit but
the camera is pants.  So I have a great many blurred photos that I will need to
tag very carefully so I remember what they were of.  Because you wouldn’t guess.
Regular readers may be aware that I claim to have been to the Best Gig Ever
about once every four months.  Ladies and Gentlemen, this will take some
beating.  But I am off to Gorrilaz  in November – watch this space!

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photo by: klaaRA