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After a hot and crowded journey into Norwich on Friday, I was massively relieved to have a slow start to Saturday.  Gregor and Sally have just got back to the UK from a couple of years in Australia and are very good at outdoor breakfast, which they tell me is an Ozzie thing.  So we had fruit and yoghurt and fried breakfast, sitting in the sun and taking it in turns to entertain Alexander, who is about five months old and fascinated with everything.


After breakfast, we headed up to the coast.  First stop was Cromer, a lovely little resort on the coast.  The photos really don’t do it justice at all.

  It was a glorious day, but the hot weather and cold sea meant that there was a dense fog rolling off the water for the first part of our time there, but it was still lovely. 


First stop was a little tiny whelk stall to get whelks and muscles for a snack.  I haven’t eaten whelk stall whelks for years.  It’s totally different from restaurant seafood, and they come in a little polystyrene pot with salt and vinegar and a tiny plastic fork, and are ace, but a bit of an acquired taste.  Then we headed down to the pier.


Cromer pier is short and pretty, with a nice souvenir shop selling homemade fudge (which is incredibly good!).

  We decided to have a look at the lifeboat house.  I say we - there is no way of getting a buggy up to the boat so Gregor and Sally stayed outside.  The Lifeboat service in the UK is an all volunteer, civilian sea rescue service that exists on public donations alone.  For more than a century, they have voluntered to risk their lives for stricken cargo ships, fishing boats with lost engines, capsized yachts or idiots who think that taking tiny boats out in hurricanes is heroic rather than suicidal.  At the risk of ranting, they are a great charity and should get more support.  It was really interesting to see the boat and the painted sign of vessels helped and lives saved. 


The fog was starting to lift as we came off the pier, although still not enough to get good photos of the pretty town on the hill.  Travelling with babies means plenty of breaks, so we stopped for lunch in a nice, traditional little cafe at the front.  It was called the Lifeboat Cafe and we had fish and chips, which was lovely.



We walked back through the town, and headed for Sheringham, another town along the coast.  Sheringham is also very pretty, and bizarrely, was in the throws of a lobster festival.  The town was decorated with giant lobsters.  If I'd been on my own, I might have hung out at a cooking demonstration or two, but that would have bored the pants off the others so we went to a pub. 


The pub, which I think was called the lobster pot, was very nice.  It was funny - my friends and I were all slathering ourselves in sunblock andd sitting in the shade, whilst everyone else was cheerfully burning and baking themselves. 


The day ended with a lovely barbecue back at home. 

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photo by: skippyed