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One of the main plazas in Valencia. Church in the background.
Valencia was a welcome change of pace after the touristy crowds of Barcelona. Right after we got off the train we noticed that a local punk music concert was going on in a colosseum-like structure next to the train station. Tickets were sold out, but some friendly people who saw us standing curiously about gave us their extra tickets. We decided to go drop off our stuff at the hostel before heading back to the concert, but, because we are incurably lazy, we ended up flaking out and just lying around in our beds like heatstroke victims.

Once we regained the energy exhausted from the epic 5-block trek from the train station to the hostel, after approximately two hours, we went to relax at a small outdoor cafe situated in a quiet plaza. We sat next to some lady who was sitting with a tough guy and holding an even tougher pit-bull with a gigantic spiked collar on a leash. Whenever the waitress came around, the pit-bull would sort of lunge and growl at her, and this tough trio of badasses - man, woman and dog - would secretly revel in their immense superiority over us lesser mortals.

We ordered a pitcher of Agua De Valencia, a mixture of champagne and orange juice that is the specialty of the region. It tasted very good, and I spent a pleasant afternoon alternating between sipping my drink and wondering if the pit-bull was suddenly going to rip my entrails out.

kevinw83 says:
Lol, that was classic.

Also, that guy who climbed the wall to get a rose for someone else's gf... haha
Posted on: Apr 16, 2006
joeytuan says:
tim i only have one thing to say to you: déme cabeza.
Posted on: Apr 09, 2006
Eric says:
haha, i completely forgot about that incident....
Posted on: Apr 04, 2006
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One of the main plazas in Valencia…
One of the main plazas in Valenci…
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Random plaza in Valencia.
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