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The ceiling of our plane.
Concerning the flight over from San Francisco to Paris, I only recall a few things. The first thing I remember is that part of the airplane was falling apart. Only a few minutes after liftoff, part of the ceiling on the interior of the plane shook loose. It was only a tiny piece of the inside paneling that came loose, and not some gaping hole in the structure of the plane that sucked people outside to their dooms, but it was disconcerting nonetheless. I remember taking a picture of the loose ceiling with my digital camera, planning to send it into the airline. I was going to claim that it caused me untold psychological trauma and that the only sensible thing to do would be to refund me the cost of my ticket, but in the end I forgot to do that, so I guess it didn't really cause me too much grief.
Sunset first night of walking around in Paris.

When we arrived in Paris we were all jet-lagged, but the euphoria of being in a new place overwhelmed our fatigue. We spent a few hours just walking around the city, not going anywhere in particular, but just following the winding streets from one mind blowing public space to another. The thing I like the most about Paris, and Europe in general, is that there are so many lively public spaces where you can meet and see people. Best of all, there are plenty of other people walking around, so even the act of transit is somewhat social and enjoyable.

Growing up in Los Angeles, I wouldn't even walk across the street to go to the grocery store, and if I did I would count myself lucky not to be run down by some crazed lady, driving her SUV like a tank on the battlefield in the assault on JC Penny. As for public spaces, instead of having a book store, a restaurant, and a cafe surrounding a people friendly, monumental piazza, you just have one giant chain store that tries to cram everything at once into its featureless concrete walls.

Anyway, back to Paris. After wandering around some more and unsuccessfully trying to hurdle some hedges in the Tuileries, we found our way back to the hostel and got some much needed rest.
foolz0r says:
I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING hahahhahhahaa!!!!!!

Yeah dude- nobody walks in LA- fear those crazy ladies in their battle-worn SUV tanks.

The plane thing cracked me up too... too bad you didn't get your ticket $ back! =P
Posted on: Mar 21, 2006
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The ceiling of our plane.
The ceiling of our plane.
Sunset first night of walking arou…
Sunset first night of walking aro…
These ads plugging a transatlantic…
These ads plugging a transatlanti…
Max and Tim arguing where to find …
Max and Tim arguing where to find…
Max hiding playing peek-a-boo.
Max hiding playing peek-a-boo.
Not sure what this is.
Not sure what this is.
Relaxing on a bridge.
Relaxing on a bridge.
photo by: Sweetski