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Last nights "few drinks" ended up being two whiskey buckets to myself, so needless to say I have been feeling less than fantastic today. We started the night off at Q-Bar, where they had whiskey buckets for 10,000 Kip (which is about $1.25) before 9:30 pm, then free whiskey buckets from 930-10... so obviously I bought a cheap one then got a free one! The night is kind of a blur after that. All of Vang Vieng shuts down by 11, so we walked over to the island where there are tons of clubs are bars. We went to rock bar, where I vaguely remember dancing a bit, then Aly walked me back once I was far to inebriated to find my way. What a doll!

So this morning I was definitely not in the mood for any tubing, but luckily I was basically dragged out of bed to go! It was an awesome day, despite the terrible hangover. My Aly, and Jamie, a guy who did a Free&Easy trip last year and has been bouncing around Southeast Asia for the last 3 months, all stuck together for the day. First you walk to the tubing place, pay for your tube rental, then hop on a tuk tuk where they take you to the starting point of the 1 km float. At the starting point you are greeted by a bunch of people giving you free whiskey shots and tying on wrist bands that good for free drinks later at Q Bar, This first bar gets you pretty pumped up for the day right away, with loud music and tons of people. After that you hop into your tube and start floating. You don't get far before someone from the next bar throws out rope and pulls you in. More fun music, free whiskey shots – this place was giving red headbands (each with funny little sayings.. Mine said "I'm into Kinky shit", while others got much, much more perverse and hilarious) for free buckets and Bucket Bar later! Again, you keep going, and the next stop was a place with, of course, the music, free whiskey, this one had free french fries, and a crazy high up swing into the river. Basically everyone did it – I tried but once I climbed up the sketchy wooden ladder onto the imbalanced wooden platform and grabbed a hold o the bar for the swing, I just couldn't do it! Jamie was up there with me and he was going to go tandem with me, and I definitely have to give him props for his efforts, but I just couldn't take that jump. No regrets though! After that place, we floated to another bar that had a tug-of-war mud pit, mud volleyball, and another rope swing – and delicious sandwiches which were almost a hangover cure for me. I didn't partake in any of the drinking because the smell.. or even the thought,,, of trying to drink anything made me feel sick! The next, and last place, and a big fire pit and a big crazy slide that you could ride your tube down. It was awesome!

Altogether we probably spent about 4 or 5 hours on the river and it was definitely an amazing time! I've never seen anything like it and I doubt I ever will! We took tuk tuks back to the tube rental place, then Aly, Jamie, and I went for some dinner at the Family Guy restaurant (not the actual name, but we came to refer to different places based on the TV show they played). We sat there for a few hours, then went back and showered up for the night.

We started the night back at Q-Bar, which was playing some terrible Drums and Bass music, so we headed over to the island to Bucket Bar, then to Sunset Bar, where Kevin, our group leader, did some crazy fire spinning thing. Was pretty awesome! After that I got a banana pancake for a midnight snack, then headed back to the room for bed.

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Vang Vieng
photo by: razorriome