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 Today was an amazing day. Koh Phi Phi is definitely my favourite place we've been to. We started ut this morning by heading to one of the beaches that we didn't even know existed – we kind of assumed there was only the beach by the pier but this one was kind of hidden. It was absolutely stunning! So beautiful, and the water was so warm and so clear and blue. We hung out there for a few hours, then met up for our snorkelling trip. We loaded up on the boat, and our first stop was at monkey beach, where we saw a few more monkeys. These ones were pretty funny – if someone held out a bottle of water or anything to them, they'd take it out of their hands and drink out of it! It was really impressive. After that, we went to a little cove area and went snorkelling then kayaking. The snorkelling was amazing. The water was soo clear, we could easily see 4 or 5 meters ahead of us. There was a pretty cool variety of fish and coral, too. It was beautiful! And it made me wish even more that we were staying in Koh Phi Phi longer so that I could scuba too! When we finished up there, we went over to Maya Bay, where the movie “The Beach” was filmed. It was a really nice beach too, but the water was almost tooo warm. It felt like a bathtub! We stayed there and swam in the ocean for a while, then loaded back on the boat to eat dinner and watch the sunset. Definitely an amazing day.

We got back to our places and got ready for the night. We all did our own dinner thing – Tammy, Jay and I went to a place called Cosmic and had an awesome dinner. We met up with the group outside of 7-11 where the Terminator bucket was made – a 2-6 of vodka, 6 bacardi breezers, and a can of sprite. Deadly mix! It was a bit too sweet for me, but it was pretty entertaining to watch everyone drinking out of this huge bucket! After that we headed over to two beach bars – Slinky and Apache. They are right next to each other so we could hop back and forth easily. Both places had some pretty crazy fire shows going. Slinky had a firey skipping rope, and limbo under a stick set on fire. Apache started out with a really cool fire spinning show by 4 guys who were awesome, then they got their fiery skipping rope started, then a ring of fire people could jump through. Crazy stuff!! Our group set off a paper lantern that had “Free and Easy Thailand March/April 2010” painted on it, along with our names. That was pretty cool. Great day and night today, I really love this place!

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