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Today was a really active day! I met Tammy and Jay for breakfast and we met up with the rest of the group to do rock climbing today. It was my first time and I was really surprised at how difficult it is! The guys from the company we went through were awesome – they guided us through the climb, telling us where to put our feet and hands, which was super helpful. Apparently I was doing it all wrong since my arms and lats are really sore, and you're supposed to climb with your legs. Oh well, I had a lot of fun! Something I would definitely do again! After everyone scaled a few walls, we went over to Pranang Beach, and along the way we passed about 15 monkeys, ranging from the cutest tiny little ones, up to big ones with kinda scary looking fangs! We fed them and watched them for a bit, then continued on our way to Pranang, where we sat and had some lunch. We didn't get to soak up any rays since there was a torrential downpour while we were sitting there. The rain was super warm though! Tammy and I stood in the ocean while we got soaked by the rain, it was pretty awesome! Once everyone and relaxed for a bit, we went on a cave hike. It was only about 20 minutes or so, but very cool. Once we got to the top of the cave, we all had to rappel down. While we were standing there, waiting for our turn to go down, the cave was struck by lighting, and about 4 or 5 of the people there with us (including Jay) got jolted by it! It was really crazy! You could see the spark when the lighting went through – it was like a red spark, like a firecracker. It was kinda scary, especially since it was still storming and about half of us still had to rappel down! We all did it though, and came out alive! After that we had about a 15-20 minute hike, which was really tough since the ground was soaking and it was like walking through clay. We came out on West Railay, which is probably my favourite beach yet. We got some ice cream there, then headed back. Tammy, Jason and I all decided that we wanted to upgrade our gueshouses again, so we went to check out the place next to Highland that has a pool. All they had available for 3 people was the “Diamond Room”, so the guy gave it to us for less than half the cost, so its working out to only be about $15 each a night. Definitely worth it for the A/C and pool.. again. We moved all our stuff over, then met with the group for a great dinner, then spent a while enjoying the extra long happy hour drinks at our hotel lobby!

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photo by: Mezmerized