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Today started out really laid back. I dropped my laundry off then spend a couple hours in the guesthouse lobby uploading pictures and having a very drawn out breakfast with other group members as they were coming and going. Aly, Andrea and I went to the mall and browsed around for a few hours. Aly got her hair done and I got a much needed pedicure - best $6 I've spent yet! After the mall, we met at the guesthouse with a few other people from our group and went to Joy's House.

Joy's House is an orphanage and school for kids who live in the tribal villages. A lot of them are special needs, and since they can't help out with life around the village much, they tend to get neglected, and that's where Joy';s House comes in to save the day. There is a farm as well as a place in Chiang Mai, and at both places, kids are taught life skills such as farming,cooking, thai massage, as well as traditional thai arts and dance. They also learn the Thai language, since each village speaks their own, There are some kids that that still live in the villages and only go to Joy's House to go to school on Saturday's and Sundays.

So what we did at Joy's House was a cooking class with the kids. They were only a few there, as most of them are at the farm right now. We made a green chicken curry, glass noodles and vegetables, another kind of chicken wrapped in some kind of leaves, and for dessert we had banana in coconut cream. So delicious! The kids are amazing too! After dinner they did a little thai dance performance, then we lit three paper lanters and released them into the sky - something Thai people often do at festivals, and it is meant to send bad luck away along with the lanterns. It was an awesome evening!
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Chiang Mai
photo by: Stevie_Wes