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Today we met up as a group at 10 am for a full day of touring. We started out by stopping at the Blue Pumpkin to grab some breakfast, then drove a ways out to a killing field. Or what we thought was going to be a killing field, but ended up just being a memorial type thing with a Buddhist temple. We moved on from there to the Landmine Museum, where a man who's been a part of the Khmer Rouge since he was 10, put together a museum of old land mines and other war artifacts. After that, we drove to a military base where there was a shooting range. A few of the guys shot some M-18s, and I decided to try out throwing a grenade ��" I mean, where else in the world can you throw a grenade?! Anyway, it was kind of terrifying when I was getting ready to. I did a few practice throws with rocks, which went well, then when it came to pulling out the thing and throwing it, I get really nervous and threw the grenade maybe 15 feet! That was also terrifying! Thankfully, they had removed the shrapnel so it was just a bit of an explosion and no one got hurt, It was pretty exhilarating though! My hands were shaking for a good 15 minutes afterwards. After that, we went for lunch where I had the most delicious curry chicken meal, then went to tour another temple ��" the Lady temple. It was pretty small and we moved through quickly, and headed back to the guesthouse after. Jeff, Kevin and I went for a bowl of pho when we got back, which was even more satisfying than yesterdays! I decided to try out a Khmer (Cambodian) massage, so stopped at one of the places on the way back to the guesthouse. I got a one hour traditional massage for $5, thuough I was a bit disappointed. I didn't feel as relaxed as a I normally do after a massage, but the traditional massages are more to stretch you out and work out the knots in ways we don't really see at home. There wasn't even any massage oil or anything like that ��" I wore this linen pyjama set for it! Kinda strange but it was an experience. The lady that gave me my massage, Janthal (I'm sure that's not how it would be spelt, but thats phonetical spelling!), was really nice. She told me about her 4 year old daughter that lives in the capital with her parents because she can't afford to keep her daughter here and send her to school, since school in Cambodia is really expensive. Really sad! She also invited me to go out to a club with her called Hip Hop, and said its mostly Cambodians, not Europeans and tourists,., but I told her I'd have to pass since we left early in the morning ��" not to mention it sounded frightening! haha

I went back to the guesthouse and met up with a few people in the lobby. Me, Jeff and David decided to head over to the Blue Pumpkin to pick up breakfast for the morning (we have a 6am meet time to leave the hotel, and after 8PM everything is 50% off!). After picking out some delicious pastries and getting some ice cream, we went to Viva, a mexican restaurant on Pub Street, where a bunch of us shared some frozen lime, strawberry, and mango margarita buckets – which basically all just tasted like tequila. But for $5 a bucket you can't go wrong! About 10 buckets later we relocated to Khmer Idea again, then Alyson and I both decided to leave around 12 to get some rest for a longg travel day tomorrow! On to Nong Khai, Thailand, which is a border town to Laos, so we just stop for the night.

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