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Full Moon party was absolutely crazy! We met for group dinner on the beat at 9, and did all the body painting afterwards. We have some really good artists in our group so we had some pretty atristic body paint on some people – but that was also taking a long time so everyone just started getting random things painted on them. Some of the things people put on them were hilarious – anything from pictures to funny quotes from movies and songs. We hopped on the boats at around 12:30 and went to Haad Rin Pulling up to the beach was insane! There are literally thousands of people filling this beach that, during the day, doesn't really seem like it could hold all that many people! Our group based ourselves out of one place on the beach, Paradise bungalows, as sort of our safe meeting place. The beach is lined all the way with stands set up selling any mixture of bucket you want – vodka, rum, whiskey, etc. As you walk along the beach, there is a different DJ every 20 feet or so, so you can basically pick where you want to dance based on what you want to dance to. Some areas were more house type music, others more pop... one section was where everyone was clearly on shrooms (there wasn't a lot of energy in that area).. All in all, there was a lot to see and do! Each section had platforms for people to dance, one area had flaming skipping ropes (Aly was brave enough to try it - I was far too concerned with getting my hair set on fire!). Aly and I lit a paper lantern and set it off, the same thing we did at Joy's House in Chiang Mai. There were a ton of them around, so the sky was full of these little fiery balls floating around. We danced all night, and the sun came up around 6. We kept going til about 7:30 and I decided I needed something to eat, so Tammy, Jay and I went to the Chicken Corner sandwich place (I think the places around there stay open basically all night).and had the best chicken sandwiches ever. Of course, at that point, anything would have been amazing. We got up to get a boat and that was the last time I saw my disposable camera, which was really disappointing because I'm pretty sure I got some amazing pictures! I guess thats why they tell us not to bring our good cameras! We got on a taxi boat right away and headed back.

When we got back to Haad Yuan, I tried going to sleep but our bungalows were WAY too hot to even pass out in, so I got back up and went down to the restaurant on the beach, where about 15 people from the two groups were still up drinking and partying. After a couple hours more and more people were getting up – and thats when Tammy Jason and I decided to check out the hotel next door, Centara Resort, which was clearly a more luxury place than our current accommodations. We decided that it was well worth the $50 each a night for the next two nights to get A/C and a beautiful pool. And the rooms were amazing! They had bathtubs and blowdryers (two things I've yet to see in Southeast Asia), and huge rooms and the most comfortable beds I've felt in the last 20-something nights. Amazing. So we checked in, and sat by the pool for a few hours, and a nap in our air conditioned room. We met up with a bunch of people from the group and went to dinner at a place called Bamboo on the Rocks. Its a cool little restaurant that is literally perched on a rock along the ocean. Great food, too! We sat there for a few hours, and some people headed back to Barcelona, and a bunch of us went to another hotel, Big Blue, where they were showing the movie Blow. I sat and watched it for a bit before deciding I was ready to head to the A/C that was waiting for me! I'm exhausted today from a serious lack of sleep, but it was well worth it!!

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Koh Phangan
photo by: alanmica