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Today was a very, very long travel day. We were supposed to leave at 6 am and get into Nong Khai around 3 pm. We didn't end up getting in til 7 or so. The bus ride was pretty fun, though! We were on mini buses, so there were 10 of us not including the driver. Jeff E, the leader, me, Aly, Kyle, Crystal, Natalie, Jaeda, Erika, David, and Jeff C, were all on our bus. We played this hilarious game called Cards Against Humanity, which killed quite a few hours. Everyone takes 5 answer cards, and everyone takes a turn picking a question card. Each person gives whichever of their answer cards they think is the funniest with that question, and whoever has the funniest answer wins – winner picked by whoever asked the question. So that kept us reallly entertained for a long time, then we watched a movie, The Ugly Truth, for the last little bit. We got into Nong Khai and pulled up just in time to catch the fireworks for Women's Day. We got to our hotel Pawatee (sp?), which was pretty awesome, since it has AC and a computer in our room and WiFi in our room.. pretty luxury compared to what we've had so far! Aly and I shared a room here, and once we got in, we changed quick then went to meet with the rest of the group. There was a little market and fair thing going on, which was awesome, We got a lot of strange stares, so we guessed that this isnt much of a tourist town. Prices were super cheap at the market though, for everything from clothes to food, to random remote controls. They were even selling adorable little bunnies in cute little dresses for $4.50. Aly and I picked them up and were going to take a picture and I accidentally dropped one :( I felt really bad! There were two different stages with bands and dancing, a ferris wheel and a couple other rides – it was awesome! We found the group and shared some rice and BBQ pork for like $1.50. We walked around a bit more – Aly found a hair dryer for $3 which is awesome for us haha.. then we went back and called it a night! Tomorrow is another travel day to Laos!

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Nong Khai
photo by: Laurabob