Let's begin our Cost Analysis, shall we?

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So what does a trip to Europe really cost?  Does anyone really know?  Anyone?

I've looked at several blogs, but have yet to see so much as a hint of what the total trip cost was.  Why is this?  I don't know.  My guess- the results just aint pretty!  So let's take a look at the uglier side of travel, the financials.   I'm willing to set aside a few minutes a day, during my travels, to record my spending in an effort to answer this all important questions.

I'm an American chick.  Traveling solo for the first time.   I will be visiting all of Italy, Tunisia, Switzerland, Montenegro, and Croatia between the dates of February 1st and April 13th 2010.  Seventy days of actual fun!  I'm paying for everything myself.... no business expense account, or parental contributions here.   That is why keeping an eye on my spending is pretty important to me.  My handy dandy credit card will be my financial backup.  All costs will be recorded in USD simply because I understand this currency best.

Accommodation: Cheap single private rooms, unless I specify otherwise.  I'm willing to fore-go those fabulous ocean views.
Transportation:  Includes ferry, train, bus, and taxi.   I will choose the cheapest mode of transport most of the time.
Food: Includes food and toiletries.  I will only be eating in decent restaurants sporadically.  This portion of my trip I will skimp when necessary.
Fun:  Attractions, museums, activities, nights out, tours.  I plan to hit as many museums as I feel like. This is an area I'm not willing to save on.

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