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dear fallen angel

This morning I wake up early.
The voicemail of my phone is still blocked. How can an operator do this to his clients.

The Italian couple that lives in the room next to us have a little child, it is crying and mama does everything to comfert her, but papa is not glad with the volume his dulce is producing. (I don't care -I am awake- and my wife won't hear).

At the breakfast.
The weekend has started, more guests have come in.
We find an empty table and go for coffee. Today it is blacker than yesterday, I have to add milk to be able to drink it, though it still tastes great.

We have to check out before 12 am. That is quite comfortable, but we are ready before 10:30.
We decide to visit the church of St. Francis of Assisi and walk down to it.

view on the port cellars (pan)

With our Porto Card we have a rebate, and enter the church. My mouth falls open, and I have to sit down!!
What a dazzling wood carving! All the pillars are covered in gold plated wood, that is carved with cunning hands, all to the glory of the one God.
Photography not allowed, but even with a picture you cannot grasp this great work.
You can enter the museum of the church with the same ticket, and here we see some fine pieces of gold and silver and a picture of king Luis from France. I have to check this out on the Wikipedia why he is here.

We take a walk along the Douro and have a coffee and a beer (11:30, yes there is a three in the hour:) and we must climb the ruellas to the tower of Clérigos, the highest tower of Portugal.

YES!! All other airports should follow this example!! This is Porto, 2010
We have to rest a few times while on our way, but finally we are there. The Tower is closed (I am happy to say, as I couldn'd climb any more!) We walk down along the track of the city-tram and continue up to the Praça da Batalha, where we have something to eat in the cafe Chave d'Ouro, that is next to the hotel.

We decide to walk the rua da Santa Catharina again, before claiming our luggage. The inevitable goodbye to this nice city is coming closer as we collect our bags in the Hotel.
The manager wishes us a good trip, and we hope to meet in near future again. (Porto is just one cheap flight away!!)

Our Andante card makes no trouble and our ride to the airport enters the station soon.
The trip takes the 35 minutes it is sceduled to do and we enter the airport-departures, where there is no queue for security.

Our carrier, Ryanair

Much to fast we are at the gates where we try to kill time looking in the shops and at the restaurant.
here we find that the Wi-Fi is free, and yes they have free internet access PC´s waiting for the TB to do his or her blogs!!
This is a service that other airports should be offering too. (I discovered two islands of internet access in the gates area, one at the customs on the left of the hall, one near gate 35. [not all pc's are working, as do find out some other -not TB:)- people])

When writing this blog, I try to pin down my memories about a city that has lots of things to see, where people live that are so nice, helpful and patient to strangers, that it makes me wish I will come here again soon.

From the sunny not so cold Porto back to the cold reality of Germany and Holland, where we are met by falling snow untill we are home.

Person of the day: Rafael from Brasil

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The other Ryan

When you want to visit Porto as a tourist, to be in the centre (Unesco World Heritage) will pay off.
Gaia or Matosinhos may be good to live, but do not seem to be the best places to stay for sight seeing.
Visitors by car might want to stay outside the city and might prefer a hotel outside the centre!
Porto has a cunning traffic circulation plan with lots of one way streets that make overtaking impossible. And remember: the way they are driving here might be different from where you come from. (I have seen only one (1) driving school. This founded my thought of Porto drivers being natural talents) 

On the internet there are some great sites to prepare for a trip:
The Tourist information, info about the Porto Card: http://english.
The Metro site:
where you have the choice of Portuguese or English. When it starts to be interested, there is only the Portuguese version available

They tell their story, but it is not all.
You will need a valid Andante ticket (all tickets are all called like that) to make a trip.
On the machines in the stations you can buy a single fare, buy more single fares on one card and the 1 day and 3 day cards.
Before traveling you have to validate your card by pressing it to a validating machine. If the red light shows, your ticket is not valid, with the green light you may enter. On sparse occasions I found turn-gates (only in the Funicular) and traveling without tickets seems easy, but isn't needed with those low prices.

Taizé singing, also in Porto

The Porto Card is a tourist card that offers discount on museum tickets including transport during one or three days.
When you buy a [Porto card], you get the discount card, a nice booklet with all things to do, AND an Andante** card.
The booklet is a handy bi-lingual booklet that is easily used to find out where to go for culture or pleasure or both.
You can use the Andante card on different days from your discount card.
Taken the Andante that comes with the Porto Card into consideration, the Porto Card is not expensive and I would say it is a must! Only a good friend would be the better option.

Tourist tours:
There is a large group of touroperators that are all offering a tour along the city:
-The Red bus tours
-The Yellow bus tours
-The Green bus tours
-The Tourist tours-train (on air tires)
-City tour by tram

They all offer the tour.

Casa de banho, public washery, douche, toilets with guard.

The Red bus is my favourite. It offers 2 days of Hop-on Hop-off for only 12 Euro.
With the ticket comes a cheap earphone to plug into the outlet. Put the volume up (up, up, up) and choose your language>
We had Xmas music Disney style as a background in one bus, Fado music in the other. Fortunately there was a bus without background music (I hope you will not hold this against me. I love music, but the same 5 numbers for over an hour make you want to hop-off!)
The Yellow bus charges 12 Euro per 24 H (they offer 3 tours, and they have different tickets with different values)
The green bus I have only seen once.
The Tourist train 8 Euro, but I don't know if you are not supposed to get of
The Tram city tour charges 15 Euro is supposed to be a hop-on Hop-off, but there is only one tram, so be patient:)
We visited Porto in Januari and have been very patient with these touristical busses.
a 2 solo
They are not to be compared to the Barcelona situation, where there is a bus every 3-6 minutes. We have been waiting for 45 minutes several times and found to have the same driver that makes the trip in 1 hour:)

Tip: If you will be staying longer than 3 days, buy a single Z4 Andante ticket to get to your ho(s)tel in the centre.
Then decide to buy your Porto Card or (if necessary) an Andante card for 3 days and only validate it, so you can get to the airport during the 3rd period of 24 hours of its validity.
On our stay we could have done with only a double Z4 ticket and the tourist bus, but the ability to go if you please made up for the money.

Note on tours in wine houses:
The busses offer free tours at porto wine cellars.
You don't need a bus! Most cellars do a tour and a tasting.

tunnel, non smelling
Lots of cellars don't charge. (Taylors, Cálem, Croft and others)
At Sandeman they will charge 4 euro. They offer a good tour and mini museum. As Sandeman and others are close to the bridge and the river, Croft and taylor are up against the hill. With all you will taste your red and white portwine, a sweet prize:)

Vlindeke says:
Hallo Huib, veel informatie! Mooi :-)
Posted on: Feb 01, 2010
dear fallen angel
dear fallen angel
view on the port cellars (pan)
view on the port cellars (pan)
YES!! All other airports should fo…
YES!! All other airports should f…
Our carrier, Ryanair
Our carrier, Ryanair
The other Ryan
The other Ryan
Retire, sheds another light on ret…
Retire, sheds another light on re…
Taizé singing, also in Porto
Taizé singing, also in Porto
Casa de banho, public washery, dou…
Casa de banho, public washery, do…
a 2 solo
a 2 solo
tunnel, non smelling
tunnel, non smelling
11:30 am
11:30 am
Tosti on the Praça de Batalha, ne…
Tosti on the Praça de Batalha, n…
Excluding others
Excluding others
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