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One of 5 buildings at Taipa House Museum.

Today I decided to go to Taipa.  I had also promised a friend back in the States that I would send her a Hard Rock pin so, since the Hard Rock Hotel is on Cotai, I had to go out there anyway.

After my usual 'breakfast on the go', today consisting of a 'sausage roll', which turned out to be a hotdog baked into a roll (surprisingly good though), and a cup of Mint Moca coffee from Starbucks, I took a circuitous route towards the Taipa bridge, thinking I would take a bus across the bridge.  Along the way, I decided to exchange another $100 for HK$ so into the Lisboa Hotel I went.  Flush with additional cash, and now anxious to begin the fun part of my day, I opted instead for a taxi to Taipa.

Our Lady of Carmel Church
  Again, not being able to communicate effectively with the driver but understanding that he needed a specific destination, I again resorted to pointing to an icon on my map.  Off we went, to the cemetary.  Thankfully, the driver took pity on me and, when I had paid the fare, he made 'picture-taking' gestures and pointed in the general direction of Taipa Village.  I guess it's pretty obvious I'm a tourist.  So much for blending in...

It was pleasantly cool this particular morning so the walk did not seem overly taxing.  Moreover, most of the traffic was going from Taipa towards Macau so, once I left the main road, it became almost still, punctuated by the occasional passing cars.  Walking towards Taipa Village, I saw The Venetian between the trees.

Village square in Taipa. Notice the wall in the foreground is shaped like a dragon. The shelter structure is actually much older. In the background, you can see the tall buildings where the modern world is encroaching.
  Realizing how close I was to Cotai, I decided to walk there first and try to find the Hard Rock Hotel.  It was not difficult to find, being directly across the street from the Venetian.  In I went to purchase some pins.  Having taken care of business, I wanted to consult my map for the best way to the village & what to do once there.  I decided a beer was in order so into the lobby bar I went.  I'm still amused by how baffled the staff seemed initially, when I stated that I just wanted a beer.  Perhaps 10 AM is too early for a beer...  They recovered well and led me to a table, bringing my drink shortly thereafter.  Reading my map, drinking my beer and eating some chips while a mere 5 feet from me families were indulging in the breakfast buffet was mildly entertaining but I had regained my bearings and was ready to go.
I simply liked this building and wanted to remember it. It's small and quaint but functional. It appeals to the stoic in me. :)

Taipa village is soothing.  Its small size probably contributed to my opinion but there was also very little traffic, although you could hear the traffic passing by the periphery.  The buildings are pretty.  Even those in disrepair have a charming quality about them.  Some time around noon, I decided to have lunch at Antonio Restaurant, which I highly recommend.  The cheese platter appetizer was great, as was the sausage platter.  It was more of a stew really but delicious & hearty.  Both were complimented nicely by the red wine.  After lunch, I wandered about some more then decided to take a taxi back to Macau.

On Macau, fortified with the red wine, I embarked on more random wanderings until, late in the afternoon, I decided to return to my hotel.

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One of 5 buildings at Taipa House …
One of 5 buildings at Taipa House…
Our Lady of Carmel Church
Our Lady of Carmel Church
Village square in Taipa.  Notice t…
Village square in Taipa. Notice …
I simply liked this building and w…
I simply liked this building and …
I came upon these shutters randoml…
I came upon these shutters random…
Temple & Square
Temple & Square
Closeup of the temple.
Closeup of the temple.
photo by: row-zzzzz