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On the second plane to Bali...and overcome with emotions, tears stream down my face. So happy to be here in this time and place. I peer out the window and see a world so brand new below me. All the wonder fills my mind.

So thankful to be healthy and alive. This is THE LIFE. This is living.

The cotton ball clouds comfort all of me. The undiscovered land below calls my name. How did I almost let this experience dissolve right before my eyes? How did I almost let him take this from me...I am so proud of myself for being strong, standing my ground, and staying true to myself.

I walk through this journey with an open mind and an open heart--hoping to grow and become the best I can be. I truly believe the best of me comes from exploring the world--engaging in culture and in people. This is my passion. It may be a passion that creates inability for "socially correct" relationships, but I believe that there is a reason for this and a reason for me. I think most people look down upon the "unconventional" life. The wanderer is not usually the one we look up to. We call them crazy, we call them reckless, but I on the other hand, call them my HERO.

It's crazy how your mind plays tricks on you. How can I sit at home and think about flying and be so terrified and when I'm actually doing it, I am so at ease. I love the beauty I see as I look down at the world below. I truly feel alive. Never will I put myself on the sideline. Call it selfish but this is the only way to enrich my life and become a better person. I am so excited to meet new people from all over the world--to hear their stories, to be moved by their experiences. I'm excited to become more human, more well-rounded; I'm excited to be an advanced version of who I am today.

I'll be the first to admit giving up a seemingly flawless relationship was difficult but in hindsight, it was far from flawless. And who knows, maybe I will never again find that but I will have done the things that matter to me and that is ALL that matters. I'm so happy I have friends that support me and understand who I am. And what I need. I no longer feel guilty for the choices I've made--I am proud. You can't live your life for anyone but yourself. Some day I'll be ready to start the new chapter but for now I'm exploring the moment.

Float weightlessly through marshmallow air
and wash your fears away.
Trust the moment and accept the embrace...
The possibilities are endless and calling your name.
christopherborel says:
So inspiring:)
Posted on: Jul 28, 2010
fitz28 says:
That's incredible. I respect your decision and I believe you definitely made the right one for you!
Posted on: Mar 10, 2010
daniellemvaldez says:
you can look at my other blog if you're interested..

Posted on: Jan 31, 2010
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photo by: mr_shanet