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Ok, here is the thing...When you live in a place you always take things for granted. For example me, I have been to so many European cities and I am always the typical tourist. I go to every attraction, to every museum and to every trademark. I always buy those stupid little cute souvenirs.. But I live in Athens for the past 12 years now and I have been to Acropolis only once, 2 years ago. I mean I have been to Edinburgh castle twice within the last two yars and to Acropolis only once..Well when  I went to Acropolis I felt really proud because I am Greek and I felt like a Greek has to feel. Suddenly all those feelings overhelmed me. About the history all those wars and victories, our coulture, our lanuage that goes thousands of years back in history..I felt sympathy and love for my country. In the one hand I love Athenians because they are like me..We have the same coulture the same style the same looks the same feelings and thoughts, we live in the same city and in the other hand...well here is the problem..We are rude we have no rules everyone does what hops into his mind. Driving? Forget it. You'll get crazy if you are not used to drive in Athens.. Athens is nothing like it used to be...You go the Acropolis and see all these good thing your ancestors did and then you hop into the coffee shop and have to pay 3-4 Euros for a juice or a coffee..You go for a walk and you see traffic and the chaotic city centre. Thousand of people on the streets and all the time yelling and the sound of the horn from car drivers that are ungry because they are stuck in the traffic. Well that is love it and you hate it and there is nothing you can do about it. It is a love-hate situation!
travelingfools says:
I think it is the same every where. I live ten miles from one of the most significant Indian burial grounds and I have never been there! I go to the art museum once every three or four years, but I go to everyone I can while I am in Europe. It is just natural! Vasgian, we are staying near Agios Ioannis metro stop. Do you know any "good' local taverns in the area that you would recommend?
Posted on: Mar 04, 2010
fransglobal says:
I think Athens is an absolute must see city but the current situation there is very offputting, I find it very noisy, chaotic and expensive.
Posted on: Feb 15, 2010
vasgian says:
Well I think this is actually how it is if you live actually in a place and not only visit it. I liked so far every place I've even been to..Never been to LV though...Maybe someday!!
Posted on: Feb 01, 2010
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