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On 9/29/06, my Grandparents, Aunt, Mom and I arrived in Athens, Greece for our vacation. Let me just say that my stomach is absolutely against sudden movements! The flight was pretty uneventful, albeit long, until the landing. For whatever reason, the landing was tres bumpy and less than graceful! After landing, we spent the next mmm, hour or so trying to figure out exactly what our next move would be. Yes, you read correctly. There was no plan. Not the smartest move, being that there were FIVE of us traveling together.

 Once we got our buns in gear, we grabbed a bus (way too much luggage. I'll be using a backpack again on my next overseas trip) and that guy was absolutely killing me. The bus driver apparently thought he was on one of those cutesy little scooters, because he was driving sooo fast in and out of traffic and since there were hardly any seats available, I was facing backwards. For those of you who've never had motion sickness...facing backwards is a very BAD idea. The faster the bus went, the more I could feel my face change colors. I'm not a colorful girl, but we'll go ahead and toss out the terms "ashy" and "green" all at the same time. Quite an accomplishment, I know. By the time we reached our destination (to catch a taxi to take us to our hotel), I was cursing my stomach up and down, but happy doesn't begin to describe my feelings at being able to ditch the bus. Those feelings were short-lived. As we're standing on the sidewalk of a very busy street in Athens, I'm suddenly looking around frantically for a restroom (not easy to find when you're disoriented and nauseous out of your mind). I voice the thought "I'm going to get sick". My Grandmother says to me, "Don't get sick if you don't have to". As if I'd really be getting sick on purpose. I'll just chalk her comment up to being disoriented, as well. Before I know it, I'm puking in a pile of garbage stacked against a lightpole on a very busy street in Athens, with 2 hot guys standing behind me.


sylviandavid says:
We don't travel with reservations either.... except the first and last night.... We get those nights so we have somewhere to start and end.... :) ... Ha ha ... two hot guys?... I'll bet they noticed you and talked about you .... and if you hadn't puked they would not have LOL.... bummer......

How wonderful that your Grandma is native Greek. Do you speak Greek?.... I can hardly wait for your next entry. (To reply to me hit my picture then put your comment in the box on my profile...or write it here and I'll get it... :) sylvia
Posted on: Jan 28, 2010
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