Wooden Bridge of the Rhine River and an unpleasant evening surprise!

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View of Vaduz from a field near the Rhine River

Now, it was quite a walk and I wasn’t sure that there would be a road / trail connection with Vaduz so, I should just be thankful but….it was a LONG walk. I’m a regular walker / hiker on all of my journeys (you know that) but, my feet were killing me!!! I was so happy when I finally when I descent ended and I reached flat land!

My descent was only 10 minutes from the gasthof so, that turned out to be a good gamble.

Now, my feet hurt….yes but, no one’s going to die from that, right??? So, I remembered seeing a model of the only wooden covered bridge crossing the Rhine (still in existence) was at the turn by the gasthof.

Schloss Vaduz
It connects Vaduz, Liechtenstein with Selveren, Switzerland.

It was another 15 minutes, after the turn, to reach the Rhine River. I really thought it was closer….ANYWAY!

On the way, I got a fantastic view of Schloss Vaduz and the mountains behind as the clouds were starting to scatter a bit.

The bridge is quite impressive as all of the upper part is still wooden, the supports were replaced with metal long ago. Currently the bridge was under repairs as the changing path of the Rhine causes more maintenance that normal bridges.

I proceeded to cross this historic bridge.

A stream between the city and the Rhine
I started in the middle but then realized that many horses used this center section…..so I moved to the right side. Now, this is very narrow and just planks of wood. Also, as I have shown you in pictures, there are large gaps in the boards. I’m all for taking a chance but, I was concerned with stepping through something. I just kept looking down and make my crossing. I also took a picture of the amazing backlit geometric design created by it’s side construction.

In walking back, I took a path along a stream that parallels the city. It was a nice change from the main street.

Once in the center, I stopped by the grocery and picked up some lunch, food for dinner and snacks for my train travel, the next day. I chose an interesting pretzel sandwich It was a pumpkin seed pretzel with cheese and tomato….

Looking down while walking across the bridge
very good! I sat in a park, there in the center, with a view of the Schloss, and had my picnic lunch. I was a nice afternoon for it.

After my lunch, I stopped in a souvenir shop and picked up a shot glass for Michael, Rob’s brother, and a Schloss Vaduz monument for my collection.

I returned to the tourist info center to report on my 2 days of adventure to the attendant and she stamped my passport (3 CHF).

My last stop for my journey, here, was the Liechtenstein Kunstmuseum. It’s strictly modern art. I’m not the biggest fan of modern art but, I continue to expose myself to it as you never know what might move me / you.

The attendant at the museum told me that the whole second floor was under renovation……should have known, right.

Wooden bridge across the Rhine. View of Liechtenstein from Swiss side
They did have a private collection that was on display and select pieces from their own. I reviewed descriptions of both and decided to give it a try. They offered a reduced admission price (8 CHF, normally 12 CHF). I found most of both collections ……not too interesting. I did like the Andy Warhol (Marilyn Monroe) painting and a set of paintings that happened to be by an artist from Amsterdam. These weren’t the only ones that I liked but, there weren’t very many. The whole museum had around 100 paintings. I’m glad that I visited but, a bit disappointed.

On my walk back to the gasthof, the sun was setting and the clouds were parting just a bit. It was enough to create a glow of pink and a touch of blue behind the church….nice.

I returned to the gasthof waited quite awhile for the lady to come to the desk/bar.

Walking along a stream in town center
I asked for my key. She rudely announced to me that I hadn’t let her know that I wanted to stay another night. I was floored by this announcement and quite confused. I explained to her that it was confirmed in the email the SHE sent me. It was she that I had confirmed with. She had no knowledge of my reservation, she said. I reminded her that the previous day when she had said that it was only for one night, I corrected her and said two. She continued to say that I was “lying” and that I had just walked in. She proceeded to help some other people and then came back to me. She asked for my email address to check for my reservation. After checking…so she said, she said that there was no request from me. Now, I always print a copy of my email trail and bring it, BUT, since the transaction was complete, I had thrown it away and the maid would have taken it in the trash. She kept telling me that my receipt was for one night…..and I kept telling her that I had corrected her the previous day about the number of nights. Also, she wanted another 100 CHF for the night which I refused to pay. I explained, again, about the pricing that I was emailed (67 CHF) for a single with shared bath.
The sun setting on Vaduz
She said that they didn’t even have a room for that price. How was I to know that the assumed upgrade was a huge mistake on her part. As I continued to try get her to understand it became clear that there was a great language barrier. I refused to leave and she kept repeating that I had a problem. Finally, she returned with my key and said “here! And be done with you!” I scowled at her and left to climb the stairs. I wanted to get to my room before she had a chance to change her mind.

I will email her the confirmation that she sent me when I return so maybe she doesn’t put anyone else through such an experience.

I packed and watched a bit of True Blood while downing the small bottle of wine that I was so thankful to have purchased.

I refuse to let Mandy! ruin my great experience, and it really was a great experience. Liechtenstein is an interesting and beautiful place to visit.

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View of Vaduz from a field near th…
View of Vaduz from a field near t…
Schloss Vaduz
Schloss Vaduz
A stream between the city and the …
A stream between the city and the…
Looking down while walking across …
Looking down while walking across…
Wooden bridge across the Rhine. Vi…
Wooden bridge across the Rhine. V…
Walking along a stream in town cen…
Walking along a stream in town ce…
The sun setting on Vaduz
The sun setting on Vaduz
photo by: cimtech