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St. Florin's Church and Schloss Vaduz, on the mountain

I exit the train and try to get my bearings. I find my way to the main exit and looked for some information on the buses back into Liechtenstein. I went into the little markt attached and asked. The very nice lady told me to cross the street and the bus there will be labeled “Vaduz”.

I stopped and got some Swiss Francs as that is what they use for currency.

I crossed the street and there it was like she said, bus #21. I boarded and the driver asked for 2.60 CHF for the trip. That bus made several stops throughout the city of Schann and then south to Vaduz. It was about 20 minutes to my stop Au, but that was only due to the frequent stops in Schann.

Upon exited the bus, my gasthof was only a half block from here….

nice for a change. I could see in the distance the towering mountains and their blanket of snow!!!

I entered Gasthof Au ��" checked in and was charged only 50 CHF and got a large room with a private bath! Yeah Gasthof Au!!!

The room was very large with two windows facing the Alps. There was even a table and chairs in the room. The bath room was spacious with a large shower. It was very comfortable and quite a change from the accommodations in Innsbruck.

I walked south and found…nothing to see. I turned around and only a short walk past the gasthof, I could see the bell tower of a church and high upon the side of the mountain, Schloss Vaduz. What an interesting view, much more than I expected.

The Neo-Gothic church, St.

Parliament building
Florin’s, was built in 1868 on the site of a Medieval chapel. Thanks to this church, Vaduz became an independent parish.

I stopped in at the Tourist Info Canter and picked up some info on different sights I might want to see in the country. The ladies were very helpful and I now had a plan.

I was told that tourist number are like this: 60 /day now , high season 600 a day but still low. She showed me some great hiking possibilities from Vaduz to Triesenberg and to Triesen.

She asked it I wanted a passport stamp as they could provide (3 CHF/2Euro) it at the tourism bureau. I had read about this option but, had put my passport away before leaving so, I’ll have to come back tomorrow.

I left and went to the grocery store that was I was given directions to.

Art in the town center
I picked up some apples, some chocolate, and a warm spinach strudel.

Now I started the steep climb from the town level to Schloss Vaduz, in the mountains above. The climb was though a tiny street, on the lower level and a trail through the woods. Along the trail, at many points, there are signs giving you tidbits of history about the Schloss and the country.

In reaching the Schloss Vaduz area, it had a large rolling meadow area above it and to one side. The original parts of the castle date back to the 12th century. The Castle is still the official residence of the Prince of Liechtenstein, and is unfortunately closed to visitors. The Liechtenstein family acquired the castle when it bought the countship of Vaduz in 1712. It had already purchased the countship of Shellenberg in 1699, to create the principality of Liechtenstein.

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Town hall seen from trail to Schloss Vaduz The Town Hall was built in 1932/33. The south facade has colourful ornaments around the windows and a balcony fresco. On the front of the building the coat of arms of Vaduz can be seen.

My feet were tired so, I decided to take the bus back to Vaduz. It was only a twenty minute wait and I was on my way down the mountain. It was only a 7 minute ride but the number of switchbacks is insane. The quoted time by foot, down the mountain, is an hour. I now understand why. In just another 5 minutes we were returning to Vaduz.

Back in town, I walked the town center and browsed the souvenir options. I saw some possibilities and decided to return the next evening to make decisions.

Today, museum of choice was the Landesmuseum, open late until 20:00.

Tower of Schloss Vaduz
The museum showcases the history and geography of Liechtenstein and it’s people. It is divided up into 6 areas; archeology, Middle Ages, modern times, folklore, 19th ��" 21st century, and natural history. It is one of the best national history museums that I have been to…..a must for anyone visiting Liechtenstein.

After leaving the museum, it’s time for dinner. I walk the city center looking at options for dinner. I walked all the way to the gasthof, not finding anything that I really wanted. I walked to the grocery store and it was closed. Frustrated, I had no choice but to choose one of the restaurants in the center.   

I ended up choosing Cesare Risterante, The server was very friendly and the meal was of good quality but, the price for what I received. I had ruccola salad with parmesan and balsamic, a starter sized portion of vermicelli and a spicey tomatoe sause with chuncks of mozzerala, and a small bottle of sparkling water 40 francs (28 euro). This food was decent….

Horse sculpture in front of town hall and Schloss Vaduz on the mountain.
really was but, not worth what I paid but, atleast a third or more. I travel with budget in mind. I had really broken that, tonight. I would have to make up for it.

On the walk back, I caught beautiful night views of the pedestrian are with Schloss Vaduz high above. I even caught the three horse sculptures in from of the Rathuis….very cool!

Walked back. Settled in. Watched a few episodes of True Blood to relax worked on the blog, had a nice talk with Rob. He congratulated me on achieving country #60. I’m so glad that this milestone was in a country with a good story and a great adventure!

What a wonderful place to explore. I looked forward to more exploration and adventure.

mpmurph133 says:
Thanks for the post, first time reading about the big L-Stein from someone who's actually been there!
Posted on: Feb 12, 2010
St. Florins Church and Schloss Va…
St. Florin's Church and Schloss V…
Parliament building
Parliament building
Art in the town center
Art in the town center
Town hall seen from trail to Schlo…
Town hall seen from trail to Schl…
Tower of Schloss Vaduz
Tower of Schloss Vaduz
Horse sculpture in front of town h…
Horse sculpture in front of town …
The ancient Red House, former Vai…
The ancient Red House, former "Va…
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