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Plank, split log, and stone barn

Anyway, the bus cam and I bought a ticket to Treissen (2 CHF) and in less than 10 minutes I was there.

Triesen, the third largest municipality in the country, lies to the south of Vaduz. Surrounded by beautiful countryside, it is located between the Rhine and Liechtenstein's mountains.

The romantic village center and old houses are flanked by vineyards, and two time-honored chapels bear witness to the history of the place which goes back centuries. The weaving mill, built in 1863, is now classified as a historical monument and testifies to the emergence of modern times. All these features combine to produce a find blend to old and new. The "Triesner Oberdorf" ranks amongst the most beautiful old villages in Liechtenstein.

Farmer's history above the barn door


Now, I was in search of a special church in this town…….a really, really old one. I, however, had no idea where it was. So, my thought was to climb to a higher vantage point and look down upon the town as this one was on the side of a mountain. So…..I started climbing.

This area of Treissen was filled with a wonderful collection of house / barn combos of the past and some renovated ones where the barn was retained in its original condition. There were more grape vines. A particularly special barn was one with a stone center part with split logs layered above. They just don’t make them like that anymore.

There was a church tower that I had spotted and aiming for, not the reason for coming but, I figured that it was a good starting point. Well, I had reached it, now, and it was much more modern than it looked in the distance….

One of the churches in LIechtenstein - 9th/10th century Gothic.
like 50 years old or less. It had an unusual feature in that it’s stations of the cross were carved stone and along the sides of the building as a part of the structure.

I continued climbing from here. Just one street up the hill, I caught a glimpse of the roof of the tower up the hill, to my left.

This church is Chapel of St. Mamertus  The chapel was probably built in the 9th or early 10th century. The tower was presumably added during the renovation of 1450. In 1494, Baron Ludwig von Brandis donated the chaplain’s benefice.
The late Gothic triptych is from the same era; the Pieta is from the second half of the 14th century.

Triesenberg as viewed from upper road in Triesen.
Frescos were uncovered during the renovation of 1967/68. built in the 9th / 10th century of gothic architecture. There’s more to come…..but, continuing on…..

I passed many more fascinating rustic barn/houses and stucco / half timbered houses, as well. They all had so much character was some even had frescoes on a side of the house.

I continue climbing and reach a large grape orchard along the side of the mountain. Following this, I reached the Chapel of St. Mamertus.

I tried to go inside but, the door was locked, shame! I sat on one of the benches, nearby, and studied it’s construction and its uniqueness. The view of Treissen and the Rhine were stunning, as well. How could they not be……such beautiful land!

Now from here, I wasn’t sure how I should go. I was pretty far from the flat plains and thought that it might be possible to walk this upper road and descend near Vaduz. So…..I threw caution to the wind, like that’s new for me, and I started  or continued the unknown.

The walk around the mountain continued to reveal new perspectives of this lovely land.
At one point along my mountainside walk, I could see Treissenberg, much farther up the mountain, where I was yesterday. Far in the distance, I could see Vaduz, down below.

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Plank, split log, and stone barn
Plank, split log, and stone barn
Farmers history above the barn do…
Farmer's history above the barn d…
One of the churches in LIechtenste…
One of the churches in LIechtenst…
Triesenberg as viewed from upper r…
Triesenberg as viewed from upper …
photo by: delsol67