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My first night in London with some of my roommates and Autumn!

The relationships that I formed that summer were so uniquely special that I will never ever forget them.  First, there was Kim.  Oh God! She was my partner in crime throughout the whole summer.  We acted like our immature 20 year old selves.  We had an instant connection and bonded through our love of socializing.  The first night we hungout, we ended up meeting these two German guys at a local pub.  They took us to a club called Verve and I somehow lost Kim at some point of the night.  I ended up riding to my dorm with Max (my German) on some sort of contraption that was being pulled by a guy riding a bicycle.  This amazed me because I am from a small town called Gulf Breeze and I had never seen anything like it.  Max ended up staying in my dorm that night (I know what you’re thinking but I swear it was strictly PG!) which I shared with two other girls.  I had to wake up early the next morning in order to sneak him out.

Me and Kim with the Germans we met!
  When I came back to the room, Kim was awake and she sat in bed laughing at me.  We discussed the events of the night before and swapped our drunken stories.  My other roommate, Ana, listened and laughed along with us.  At first I was really scared because that night was the first time that I had met them and I didn’t want them to think that I was some slutty sorority girl( I was the only one of my roommates that was in a sorority). Luckily they never thought that and they sat with me that same morning at our orientation at the study center while they told us that we weren’t allowed to have any overnight guests.  Whoops!

From that point on, Kim and I were each others’ wingman.  We always had a good time and we met so many different people every time that we went out together.  That is the thing I love most about traveling.  I am fascinated by people and there is nothing I like more than having a conversation.  If I really wanted to, I could strike up a conversation with a brick wall.  When I started writing this travel blog, I had intended to talk about the sites that I had seen and all that I had learned.  Instead, the only things that seem to be coming out are the tales of the people that I had met during my time in London.

Me and Kim being silly on our way to Westminster Abbey.
  However, this makes perfect sense because when I reflect on my time overseas, I don’t think about just seeing Westminster Abbey or drinking tea or visiting Highgate Cemetery.  Instead, I remember me and Kim being so hungover the day that our class toured Westminster Abbey that all we thought about was how we wanted fish and chips, coca-cola, coffee, and ice cream!  We were still a little tipsy from the night before so we found everything funny that day.  Don’t get me wrong, Westminster was still amazing to see and I learned a lot that day but what really makes me smile is when I think about how much fun Kim and I had exploring it together. 

I remember my teacher, who had taught in London for several years, taking us to Pret after class one day and showing us how he drinks tea.  It was my first time drinking tea in England.  He ordered an Earl Grey tea with a splash of milk and he added a packet of brown sugar.  He then proceeded to buy the same thing for everyone else.  We all sat at a table together and talked about our time in London and to this day, I only drink Earl Grey tea with milk and brown sugar!

Another memory consists of Kim and me going up to Highgate Cemetery.  It was a rather tough journey since we decided to go our first week in London and we really didn’t know our way around.  We hopped on the tube and I don’t remember which station we got off at but I am pretty sure it wasn’t the right one.  It was either that or we read the map wrong.  I remember that we walked uphill for what felt like hours.  We walked in almost complete silence except for the fact that we could hear each other panting like dogs as the hill grew steeper.  Occasionally we would glance over at each other and say, “we’ve got to be getting close.” We eventually made and then we realized that somehow we had walked in a giant square.  The walk was totally worth it though.  There were virtually no people in the cemetery which made it kinda creepy.

The world's best baked potato!
  I guess that’s how a cemetery is supposed to feel anyway.  It was breathtakingly beautiful with all the old graves (including Karl Marx’s) and the greenery that was chaotically taking over the headstones.  It looked ethereal and the cemetery seemed to go on forever.  It would have made much more sense for us to get lost in there than for us to lose our way on the jaunt to Highgate! Haha oh well.  We were both starving by the time we left the graveyard and we ducked into the first place that we saw.  I wish I could remember the name of it because this tiny restaurant was the highlight of my day.  All I ordered to eat was a baked potato.  What’s so exciting about that? Well, I’ll tell you.  It was the best damn potato that I had ever eaten in my entire life.  Kim felt the same way about her potato and when we got back to the study center, it was all that we talked about for days!  We even took a picture of it to show all of our roommates.  Regrettably, we never made it back to that little eatery.  My point in all of these stories is that it’s the little, unplanned things that you experience with amazing people, that make the best memories!

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My first night in London with some…
My first night in London with som…
our sad faces. . .boo for 9am clas…
our sad faces. . .boo for 9am cla…
Me and Kim with the Germans we met!
Me and Kim with the Germans we met!
Me and Kim being silly on our way …
Me and Kim being silly on our way…
Yay I finally got my coca-cola! Th…
Yay I finally got my coca-cola! T…
The worlds best baked potato!
The world's best baked potato!
Highgate Cemetery
Highgate Cemetery
Karl Marxs Grave
Karl Marx's Grave
Highgate Cemetery
Highgate Cemetery
photo by: ulysses