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An other year has just passed and I haven't done anything of what I really wanted. I'm 29 now and still haven't managed to leave Europe. Yes I'm Italian and I had the opportunity to travel around Europe in the summer time with my family but I'm talking about the rest of the world the "big thing"!
My boyfriend and I are discussing our future together and we both agree that we must do something this year or it would be too late. We both are almost without a penny saved and an urge of exploring other continents. He has been in South Africa and many other places I haven't been yet... So We thought, calculated, considered, and re- considered all our options. It came out very loud from our discussion that we wanted to end up in Australia, (I always had a thing for it) but before then we wanted to see as much as possible of Europe before leaving ... Why not in a camper van?
That we could fit our own? It could be real fun to find the van, work on it for a few months.... ad then go! 6 months around Europe awesome isn't it?
But then after all those calculations and programs, it turn out to be not such a good idea... It would have left us with even less money and having to go back to UK to work to get then to Australia. That was not an option. Mark has already been here long enough and I have just too much... itchy feet.
So we thought why not going towards Australia and stop on the way in Asia for a few months? Yahoo we just had the best Idea.... It would be something that none of us experienced before and it's pretty cheap over there too. So there We go we have a plan.....

sylviandavid says:
To smile just hit the profile picture of the person you want to smile at.... then hit the smiley face on their profile page (or on a page with a picture) and the face will wink and sent! But I like the one you sent too! Thanks! Sylvia
Posted on: Jan 26, 2010
cilindrika says:
Yey, I've just started writing about this adventure that started last year. I have so many things to write but just don't have enough time... We are constantly jumping in new situations and that's scary sometime.
We are nearly 30 and the desire of a family is starting to knock at the door too, but before then I really want to see as much as possible. I'm still learning how to use the website but I can Smile at u too here :-)
Posted on: Jan 26, 2010
sylviandavid says:
You sound like us.... we constantly skip eating out and skimp to save money to travel on. We are absolutely the happiest when we are traveling. Sylvia
Posted on: Jan 25, 2010
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