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The wide sands of Mirissa beach looking west, and...

After another entertaining breakfast with Gill and Nick at Sunil's Garden, I grabbed a tuk-tuk back to the main road with my bags.  It was another hot day and I waited for a local bus to come past - it can be quite an effort to flag them down sometimes as they hurtle along at a rate of knots, but I managed to persuade a driver to stop.  The bus was packed, so it was really awkward with my bags trying to get on as the bus immediately sped off.  I was falling all over the place and bashing into people, smiling to the locals hoping they wouldn't be too p*ssed off - in actual fact, I think they stared more in amazement at this white tourist coming on their bus!  I had to stand all the way to Mirissa (LKR30/20p/30c), but it was only 45 minutes or so, so it wasn't too bad.

...looking east
  The conductor told me where I needed to get off, although I later discovered that it was a bit premature and I could've got off much nearer the area of most of the guesthouses! Hey ho, such is a traveller's life!  I walked the kilometre or so but couldn't find the main strip, and I had no map, so I got a tuk-tuk driver to take me round a few guesthouses.  Palm Villa was full, so I decided upon Amarasinghe Guesthouse, which turned out to be a good choice.  I managed to bargain the double room down to LKR700 (£4/$7) and after checking into my room, set out for the beach.  The guesthouse wasn't on the beach, so I had a 5 minute walk through the village past the lake and was amazed to see a massive monitor lizard swimming around!  The beach was lovely, by far the best I've seen - it actually had some sand!!  I strolled up and down to stretch my legs, before taking a bit of a dip.
The monitor lizard in the lake near the guesthouse
  The water was pretty nice, but I have yet to see the turquoise coloured water I was expecting in Sri Lanka...where is it???!


I retired to the guesthouse for a read and met a Belgian guy called Oliver, who was a professional photographer, and we had a chat over a great curry dinner - the family at the guesthouse certainly know how to cook rice and curry!  It was poya and I'd seen signs for a full moon party down on the beach so we went down to check it out - there are only a handfull of bars on the beach, but they're nicely understated and the 'party' involved some bizarre strobe lighting and fireworks, which seems to be about as lively as Mirissa gets!  I liked it, however, and we had a few drinks at Sunset Bar along with a growing crowd.  It didn't turn into a big night for us (Oliver was on a self-imposed booze ban!), but it was a relaxing evening chilling out and chatting as the waves rolled in.

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The wide sands of Mirissa beach lo…
The wide sands of Mirissa beach l…
...looking east
...looking east
The monitor lizard in the lake nea…
The monitor lizard in the lake ne…
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