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The receeding sands of Unawatuna

I arrived at the bus stop on the main road, and with the rain gone and blazing sun out, there was no way I was walking 1.5km with my backpack on. So managed to get a tuk-tuk driver to take me to Village Inn guesthouse for LKR80. He did protest though when we arrived, trying to change the price, sneeky bugger. I held firm - a price agreed is the price! I wasn't overly enthralled with the room that I was offered, but it was ok and bartered the owner down to LKR600/night (£3.50/$6) to save me looking round. I had a wander round the village and a quick look at the beach, but decided to leave beach time proper til the next day. The places to eat are overpriced, all serving basically the same stuff, with a few attempting to be more upper class. I settled on Hot Rock restauarant, which was the busiest by far and it was easy to see why.

Sunset over Unawatuna bay
Simple, good food and nice friendly service - a winning combination. The following day I had found a decent place for breakfast - Sunil's garden, which actually did proper coffee - a nice treat. An English lady called Gill rolled up to my long bench table and we had a good old chat - she was here in SL a few months a year helping with a project and also doing some actupuncture to support her stay. We were soon joined by the over-the-top posh (and slightly mental) Nick, who was a forty-something British Council staff based in Alexandria, Egypt. Together, the three of us made an odd combination, but we chatted for a good few hours and had a good laugh - funny sometimes how you meet random people when you're travelling! Nick was trying to give up smoking and Gill was trying to persuade him to let her 'actupuncture' him into submission - all very bizarre! Eventually I left them to it to go and sit on the beach for a few hours.
The nasty scorpion who I just about spotted at night before I trod on him!
The bay looks nice, but again, the building of hotels, guesthouses and restaurants has been done without any thought here. You'd think that being flattened by the tsunami in 2004 would have taught people to give themselves a bit of distance from the sea, but no, not here, the restaurants are literally in the sea at high tide - unbelievable!! So my view of Unawatuna is that its a nice enough place, very touristy, but that there must be better beaches in Sri Lanka to justify the hype....maybe the next stop at Mirissa will show me what its all about....

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The receeding sands of Unawatuna
The receeding sands of Unawatuna
Sunset over Unawatuna bay
Sunset over Unawatuna bay
The nasty scorpion who I just abou…
The nasty scorpion who I just abo…
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