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I knew today would be a long day.  I wanted to get up by 6:30, but stayed in bed until 7.  Once we did finally get around, SarahBeth wanted to go back to the beach, so we walked back over there for a few minutes.  Then, we hit the road for Savannah.  I talked to both my sister and dad while driving.  The port traffic was heavy around Charleston, but otherwise wasn't bad.

I-95 ends at Savannah, Georgia, and turns into a city street.  We found the Lady and Sons restaurant easily, but finding a parking space wasn't nearly as easy.  We did luck into a 10-hour space once we did find one.  We walked back to the restaurant, and the hostess told us to come back between 2:30 and 3 in order to gain reservations for dinner.

  We were too late for lunch.

We had a few hours to kill, so we strolled around Savannah.  I found a kitchen supply store, and was in heaven.  I am my mother's daughter and love kitchen supplies and gadgets.  I bought a colander, olive oil jar and a peppermill for Mom.  We went to Subway for lunch, but I only drank a Coke for knowing what kind of meal I would eat tonight.

We were back at the Lady and Sons at 2:15, and already had to stand in line.  They wouldn't be making dinner reservations until 3:30.  There was a really nice couple behind me that was friendly and that shared their umbrella because it was so sticky hot.  I had told SarahBeth to go stand in the shade, there was no reason why both of us should stand in the blazing sun.

  I was able to make reservations for the first available time, 5 o'clock, which meant we had another hour to kill, so again we walked around Savannah.  I really liked this city; it absolutely oozes Southern charm.

We were back at the restaurant with time to spare; in time to hear the host ring the dinner bell and holler 'Y'all hungry??'.  When the host finally called my name -- me-A-dor (I had figured he'd mispronouce it, so I was listening for anything close), we were led to the elevator up to the third floor.  I asked the lady if either Paula or her sons (secretly hoping for Bobby) were at the restaurant; they weren't, darn it.

We each ordered the buffet.  I got mine complete with sweet tea, which was served with both lemon and a sprig of mint.

  The food was to die for... it better be, at $23/person.  I tried almost everything: fried chicken, chicken fried steak, mac and cheese... I didn't even finish the plate! Of course, that didn't stop me when they brought around dessert -- banana pudding!  The best banana pudding I've ever had!

Once we were stuffed, we walked back to the car.  Thank goodness for that 10 hour parking space!  We left Savannah behind and hit the road, with the intentions of going as far as we could.  I drove across Atlanta (That made me a little nervous, with the intense traffic at 10 PM and the insane construction.  And that's saying a lot, I am definitely not a nervous driver at all.)  It was just after midnight when we got to Chattanooga, and decided to call it a night, staying in a Best Western.

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