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After a 4 hour nap, and a meal about an hour and half before landing, I started staring out of the airplane window at the vast ocean below me. Islands began to take shape in the distance and I couldn't hide my excitement. I made the 8 hour and 20 minute trip from Houston to Honolulu on Continental Airlines. I flew on a Wednesday, so the flight was wide open and I had two seats all to myself. I am a very lucky individual, in that my brother is a pilot for Continental Express, and so, I get flight benefits. This has allowed me to see much more of the world at an early age than I ever imagined possible and I am so thankful for the opportunity. However, in order to get cheap travel I have to fly standby, so I often find myself flying in the middle of the week rather than high traffic weekends.
In any case, I had a relaxing flight curled up in my two seats and was able to sleep most of the way.

I left the winter Texas weather and arrived on a balmy 77 degree day in Honolulu. I stripped off my hoodie while I waited for my friend Alex, and his sister's boyfriend, Alika, to pick me up. First stop, slipper shopping. I needed a pair of flip-flops badly. In Hawaii, though, they are not called flip-flops, but rather simply, slippers. We stopped at Safeway and bought a $2.00 of black slippers and proceeded on to find some Korean food.

After the successful consumption of some really great Korean meat and rice we headed to Alex's mom's house. We made our way up the mountain and finally came to a beautiful 2 story home, built into the side of the mountain, with a fantastic deck overlooking Honolulu and a back yard equipped with a hammock. We left our shoes at the door and I went in to meet the family. There was Alex, his two sister's Leina and Minnie, Minnie's boyfriend Alika, their 2 1/2 year old beauty Mika, and Alex's mom Sandy. Over to visit was also Auntie Angie and her two daughters, 6 year old Alise and 3 year old Aya. Alex and I walked around and I surveyed the beautiful mountains and the city lights in the distance. I took a seat on the hammock and smiled at the contentment I felt. Beautiful weather, slight breeze.. pure perfection.

That night Alika took Alex and I with him to his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training. I always love any type of martial art. It makes me feel powerful. :) We rolled around on the mats awhile and I watch some intense grappling, learned a few choke holds, and how to do an arm bar, and then we headed home to rest up for the following day. We slept with the sliding door to Alex's room open (the screen door shut of course) and I awoke early to the sun creeping in on my face. Paradise. :)
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photo by: crystalware