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We didn’t plan visiting Avebury but our GPS just lead us there. We were driving to Haworth enjoying a nice sunny day and chatting, made a turn… and saw a circle of rocks that looked like something historical. All excited, Dave said “Let’s stop here” and rushed to find a place to park our car. As we got off the car, we realized we were in Avebury and the rocks we saw were one of the largest Neolithic monuments in Europe (about 5000 years old!). How could we miss it? The weather was great, and many sober people were walking peacefully around the rocks playing with kids and dogs. “Is it really January 1”, thought I? This day is totally different in my country… We had a long drive ahead and didn’t have much time to see the whole place but decided to get at least an idea of what it is.

Avebury is nice and worth visiting when you are not in a hurry: it belongs to those places that are both an open-air museum and beautiful scenery in the same time. Great combination!

We were just enjoying our time there when two women asked us to take a pic of them. We very glad to do it and ask them to do the same for us. They were two English girls with plastic antennas on their heads like those that kids wear in amusement parks and adults at parties. Alien look, but again no big deal. When we were done with pics, those ‘aliens’ looked at me as if they were checking me out, smiled and complimented my look and my shoes (I was wearing a woolen dress and boots), then they looked at Dave (the looks were different!) and said something not pleasant about his shoes (he was wearing his blue Converse). I didn’t know how to react, so they just looked lovingly at each other, took hands and left us to ourselves. Did those aliens really think I would trade my man for two women? LOL Sorry girlsJ “Let’s go back to our car”, said Dave and added “I always told you that the UK is a very weird country”.

Marinushka says:
Maybe next time we will have a trip with an alien spaceship. What a blog could be about!
Posted on: Feb 23, 2010
DHaworth says:
Well I would not of mind the aliens taking us to their mothership. I would be happy to
Posted on: Feb 23, 2010
Dr_Seuss says:
A case for the X-Files if the aliens made your GPS lead you there :D and nothing wrong at all with Dave wearing Blue Converse ;)
Posted on: Feb 23, 2010
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