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When we were planning this trip and decided to be in Bath for the NYE we had no clear idea what we would do. We wanted to go out, sure, but where to go? I googled it (since I was responsible for NYE activities) and realized that there are two main NYE parties in the city - one in the Pump Room (the Roman Baths) and one at the Bath Pavilion. They both looked nice but since we wanted to visit the Roman Bath during the day and wanted a new place for the party we decided for the Bath Pavilion. Plus the party there was announced as a Vegas one - that Dave, being an American, found a big fun so we had no more doubts where we would be at 12 pm. After visiting Bath we both agreed we chose the right location.

All excited by Stonehenge, Salisbury, Old Sarum and Bath - all in one day! - we drove back to Devizes to get ready for the party. The dress code was black tie and smart dress so we had to meet the requirements which were a pleasure though.

Dave enjoying his drink at NYE party in Bath
Finally we were ready, and looking damn good drove our Mercedes to Bath. As we were driving there, it was already 2010 in Moscow so I called my family in Russia to wish them a Happy New Year. It is always fun to have these advantages due to time difference - a phone call from 2009 to 2010. How exciting it is!

We were driving through South of England, country roads, on NYE. Practically no lights on the road, so we were alone driving in darkness, an American guy in a tux with a Russian girl in an evening dress…and listening to opera on the radio! Very stylish and James Bond-ish. We felt like we were on a secret mission…lol…so fun!!! Thanks to our friend Laura, our GPS, we were sure we were driving the right direction.

Finally we arrived to the Bath Pavilion. It turned out to be a pretty big building. The room was full - British people were having fun. We had a table in the first row with people’s name on a card - it was my Slavic last name with two typical English ones: it was funny and we thought it is great that I made the reservations - Dave’s last name is of British origin so it wouldn’t differ much. The card Dave took with us as a souvenir at the end of the party and got all these amazed looks from Brits.

He did it Cali wayJ

There was a band and a DJ, and the last one was much more popular with the public - as he appeared on the stage people ran to dance, and went back to their tables as the band took their turned. We had some food and a couple of drinks and went dancing. I was a lucky girl to see Mr. D, a serious writer and a respected man, dancing like a high school boyJ Honey, it was really awesome! I don’t remember when I enjoyed dancing so much. We were dancing till midnight and then we had to witness a weird (in our view) British tradition: everybody took their neighbors’ hands and formed a kind of circle moving in a strange way.

We decided not to join them and had our own thing to welcome a new year inJ

We danced more and finally decided to go home - one more hour of driving, I still wonder how we didn’t hit a tree or somethingJ but thanks to God and Dave’s excellent driving skills we got home safe and sound and very happy. It was a long day filled with great memories, amazing places and an awesome and very fun NYE party to finish it and the whole year. M&D adventures continue in 2010J

Note: Info on the Bath Pavilion events is available at  

Marinushka says:
I have to agree:) it was awsome!!!
Posted on: Feb 23, 2010
DHaworth says:
I have to say it was the most amazing NYE experience. The best part was ringing in the NYE with you :)
Posted on: Feb 23, 2010
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Dave enjoying his drink at NYE par…
Dave enjoying his drink at NYE pa…
Our table
Our table
photo by: Hummingbird