Day 1. The pleasure of travelling in winter (Moscow-London-Devizes)

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I was waiting for that day for a long long time. Only Dave knows for how long. We planned this trip back in summer and were counting down. Finally the big day came. December 30th, 2009. First it was the time for Dave to drive to SFO to catch up his flight to London. We could talk till the take off…lucky Dave. I had to go to bed, wake up, drive to Domodedovo Airport in Moscow, board…and all in silence. No Dave on the phone. Really weirdJ

Travelling in winter is always unpredictable, especially if you live in Russia. When I got out of my building in Moscow and saw a lot of snow I wondered if planes took off. Everything went smooth till I got to the gate… I was all excited about seeing my honey in some 4 hours and then I saw: London - delayed. Grrrrrrrrrr… We matched our flights so I was expected to land only 10 min after Dave. But bad weather edited our plans. It turned out to be a 3 hour delay. I texted Dave to let him know but he was flying somewhere over Greenland at that time.

When I finally made it to London it seemed to me my journey was endless. As I switched on my cell, I got a text from Dave saying he was waiting for me near the car rental. Then I realized I landed at Terminal 1, and Dave was at Terminal 3 (Virgin Atlantic flies in there). I picked up my luggage, put in on a trolley cart and was running to Terminal 3. Well, Heathrow was never my fav airport so I would not say I enjoyed that trolley race with all its ups, downs and turns. Finally I reached my destination. Terminal 1. Car rental reception. And no Dave there!!! All willing to kill him, I turned around and…saw my honey peacefully sleeping on a bench among the crowded Heathrow in his brown travel coat and his Indiana Jones hat on his face. Only Mr. D can be relaxed that much. An American… lol I do regret now a lot I didn’t take a pic of him. I headed to his bench and ran into it with my cart that woke him up. He looked up at me and his face showed both happiness from seeing me and frustration from me breaking his beauty sleep. Sorry honey - it was not my fault that time you had to wait for me for 3+ hours. Girls always make to wait for them thoughJ

We went to pick up our car (a Mercedes) and our best friend GPS that happened to have the same voice as Dave’s GPS in the States who is known between us as Laura and that is rude enough to interrupt our conversation with some “After 300 yards turn left”. But I have to admit: without ‘her’ we still would be circling Heathrow. Our first destination was Devizes, a small town not far from Stonehenge and Bath. Dave was fighting his jet-lag and tiredness from an 11-hour flight and 3-hour wait and trying to adjust to right-handed driving in the UK. I was really worried about him - it was dark, raining, and he was tired. But since Dave is a great driver and my driving skills leave much to be desired I decided (for our safety) not to offer him my help (I brought my driving license though). Dave knowing that I am a big worrier was so sweet to bring my some wonderful American candies that I was happy to enjoy during the drive.

Finally we made it there, safe and sound. We were staying at Rosemundy Cottage and I loved the place at first sight. The owners were very friendly, the room was nice, the bathroom was great (we are big on thatJ), and we had everything we needed and even more. The owner’s lady invited us for a cup of tea with a terrific home-made Xmas cake that could replace a solid dinner. I wonder how many calories…

It was late and dark, but we picked up a big umbrella and had a nice romantic walk in rain. Stress and tiredness of that long day of travel vanished and we could enjoy the moment. Unforgettable.  A pint of beer for Dave and a glass of red wine for me at a local pub finished our first day in the UK.

Marinushka says:
Thanks for the congrats, my friends;)
Posted on: Feb 08, 2010
Acy_jkt says:
Congrats Marina, very nice blog :)
Posted on: Feb 06, 2010
Lilliana77 says:
Awww Congrats dear!!1
I see you've been smiling a lot lately! :) :)
Posted on: Feb 06, 2010
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