Sushi, Chocolate and Shibuya to End Our Stay in Japan

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The busiest pedestrian intersection

Monday was our last day in Japan. Well… actually we had only half a day left here, as we were spending the evening flying to Beijing, China.

Larry and I decided we should eat our favorite Japanese food and dessert and visit one last site that we had wanted to visit before heading to the airport.

We went to a kaiten sushi place near the hotel that the lady at the front desk recommended. A kaiten sushi is the “conveyor belt” sushi-type place where the different dishes of sushi are offered on a conveyor belt and customers grab the dish they want to eat one by one. Customers pay for the dishes they grab. The prices are reasonable, and if you grab something you decide you don’t like, then you know not to grab that dish again, so you’re not stuck with one big meal you don’t really like.

This intersection became this busy each and every time the light turned

It’s funny, because we went there, as Larry and I both love sushi and we observed other locals eating (since it was lunch time there were many locals from nearby offices eating there). We realized the locals ate a lot less than we did. The locals each grabbed 3 or 4 plates of sushi. Larry had about 12 dishes alone. I ate less than he did, but still it was just interesting to notice differences in eating habits. Larry stated that he was in sushi heaven after this meal!

After lunch we headed over to the chocolate waffle place, where we decided to have our last chocolate covered waffles for dessert. They were delicious. I decided I should learn how to make those when I get home.

Then we took the train to Shibuya, to visit the busiest pedestrian intersection (there have been documentaries of this intersection on television).

The intersection from the train station
Larry and I went back and forth crossing the intersection, filming it and taking pictures. We looked like dorks going back and forth on that intersection, but we wanted to experience crossing the street there.

After that, we went back to the hotel, where Larry and I caught the shuttle bus to the airport to catch a flight to Beijing.

All in all, I will say our stay in Japan was great! I got to see so much… so many sights, temples, shrines, buildings, landmarks, streets, and neighborhoods. It was interesting to see how the city of Tokyo is laid out. There is really no “one” downtown area, I guess. There are these pockets of interesting neighborhoods or communities, each with very diverse atmospheres.

I enjoyed the food in Tokyo.

Larry at the intersection
I definitely was more adventurous trying stuff at random places, unlike in India, where I was more hesitant with trying stuff at different places (not necessarily trying new foods, just trying different locations). The people in Tokyo certainly kept more to themselves than in any other country I’ve visited, but I’m not sure if that was because I didn’t go extremely out of my way either to “meet” new people, which I normally do more of in other cities. It could be that I was distracted because I was having so much fun with Larry, or because I was sick, or because of the personalities of the local people. Regardless of the reason, I enjoyed being in Japan.

Now let’s see what Beijing holds in store for us!

hernandezvero says:
Awesome! Good to know about the shoes. I'll make sure to wear closed toe shoes. Thanks for the tip!
Posted on: Feb 23, 2010
traveller142009 says:
The Thai people are more concerned about your feet than your other open toe shoes or flip flops allowed in this restaurant; old worn sneakers are ok as long as the toes are covered!!!
Posted on: Feb 23, 2010
traveller142009 says:
Here's the website:
Posted on: Feb 23, 2010
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The busiest pedestrian intersection
The busiest pedestrian intersection
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