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View from the rooftop restaurant at the hotel

I arrived at the airport in Chiang Mai and caught a cab easily to the hotel. I felt I didn’t get ripped off because I already had a good sense of prices for stuff in Thailand, and I had already investigated the distance from the airport to the hotel, so I knew what to expect and offer in terms of cab fares.

I got to the hotel, which is tucked away just a few miles away from the city center in the early afternoon. It was perfect! The ladies at the reception desk were absolutely wonderful. They were so helpful. They immediately gave me a map, told me how to get around, where the nearest restaurant was, where the pool was, and helped me book a tour I had been interested in for the following day.

Another shot of my view
My room was an Executive Suite that was splendid. I felt like a queen.

So I decided to walk around a bit by the hotel then shower and get ready for a nice dinner. I decided I was going to go all out for a nice meal at the hotel’s rooftop restaurant, which offered great views of the city and the mountains (not large) in the background.

I ordered a delicious meal. Everything was perfect. I had a glass of African white wine (can’t remember the name of it), a tasty appetizer of Shrimp and Egg pancake (that was sooooooo good), and shrimp and noodles which tasted like Drunken noodles to me. Everything was perfect! The view was perfect from the top, as well. The wait staff was less than perfect, but ahhhh, what the hec! Everything else was perfect, so who cares if the wait staff didn’t understand a word of what I was asking them.

I truly enjoyed my evening here
I don’t even think they understood what I ordered, but I liked what was served anyway, so it worked out.

The view from the top looked beautiful at night. The waitress lit up candles at my table, which made me miss Larry a bit, as I thought it would have been a great romantic dinner. Looking at the mountains, enjoying a nice candle lit dinner. Ahhhh…. Oh well!

I thought it was interesting that none of the staff at the restaurant spoke English. There was one girl that spoke very little English, but it was difficult to understand a word she was saying.

Dinner was interesting. I love people watching and observing people around me.

The pool on the rooftop at night
It’s just so interesting. So I was seated at a small table facing the views out to the city and was sandwiched between two tables with other people sitting at them.

To my right, there was a couple - an English speaking man and a young Thai woman. He had to have been American. I could tell by the way he spoke. He must have been about 40 years old (my guess). He was seated with a young Thai women who ordered whatever the man told her and translated whatever he needed to the wait staff. She couldn’t have been older than 20 years old. She was dressed in a very provocative manner and was mostly quiet throughout the meal. He, on the other hand, was asking her a million questions. He was asking her where her mother lived, did she have siblings, about her schooling and other such questions. It was obvious he was just getting to know her. What was more interesting to me was he kept snapping at her. I think she incorrectly ordered his meal, because when his meal was served, he started to yell at her. Pretty loudly too… loud enough that everyone around was looking at them. He kept telling her, “This isn’t what I wanted to order. You don’t listen to me.” She called the waitress over and spoke with the waitress in Thai, then tried to tell her companion that they didn’t have what he wanted. Anyway, it was pretty awkward. He also asked her at one point where he mother lived, and I think she didn’t understand the question, so then I heard him speaking to her in a very loud manner again. I just observed quietly trying to mind my own business.

Another interesting fact was that he was wearing a wedding band. Hmmmm…. Makes you wonder!

Anyway, then to my left I had a gentleman by himself. He must have been in his upper 40s or early 50s. It was hilarious! The waitress ��" a very young girl - was trying to hit on him, I think. He asked her something about the band that was playing (there was a live band playing romantic love songs) and she didn’t understand the question. He had asked her if the band played every evening. She responded, “Only in the morning.” But the restaurant is only open from 6 pm till midnight, so obviously she didn’t understand his question, unless the band plays to an empty restaurant.

He repeated his question, and she must have figured out that she had not correctly responded to his question. I guess she was embarrassed so she went and got the one waitress that did speak a tiny bit of English and they were both standing at his table trying to make sense of what he was asking. Then they both stood at his table flirting with him and asking him if he was alone and giggling like two high school girls. Then the one left and she came back in different clothing. She was wearing a mini dress and again they continued to just stand in front of his table flirting with him.

Anyway, he started talking to me. He opened the conversation by asking me how my meal tasted. I told him it was fine. He asked me where I was from and of course I wanted to be polite, so I asked him where he was from. He was a merchant marine from Seattle, who was traveling through Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam by himself, because he had always wanted to see those countries. He was polite, reserved, and friendly. Then he asked me if I was alone and I told him I was meeting friends in a bit (no one needs to know I’m traveling solo). We wished each other safe travels onward and when I finished my meal I went back to my room and relaxed the rest of the evening.

hernandezvero says:
Thanks! Glad you enjoyed!
Posted on: Jan 13, 2011
bSchu says:
Very interesting read. I like how you write about how other people are acting and not just the destinations you're traveling to.
Posted on: Aug 02, 2010
tasha_83 says:
Enjoyed reading your blog. I heard that there's a lot of scam tours in Thailand and that they charge more if u are alone. Any advice on that?
Posted on: Mar 17, 2010
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View from the rooftop restaurant a…
View from the rooftop restaurant …
Another shot of my view
Another shot of my view
I truly enjoyed my evening here
I truly enjoyed my evening here
The pool on the rooftop at night
The pool on the rooftop at night
Chiang Mai
photo by: Stevie_Wes