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On Monday I woke up early, went to the Chinese Embassy with Larry. The lady gave me a hard time again and asked for additional documentation. She asked I hand write a personal statement to declare I would not be going to conduct business for AOL in China. While writing the letter, I thought I'd try to be funny. I wrote, "I just want to see the Great Wall of China... that's it. I promise not to conduct any business related to AOL while I visit China." The lady took my letter, read it, smiled and gave me a receipt for all of our paperwork. When I went back after several hours to check in and pick up my visa, it was ready.

So we get to see China after all! No changing flights around!

One other piece of good news, for those of you worried about me going to South Africa by myself (mostly my family) - one of my friends, Connie, has excitedly agreed to meet me in South Africa! Yipppeee! So I'll have company in South Africa.

The rest of the week, I spent packing (yes, I packed, re-packed and re-organized my backpack more than once). Larry made a few recommendations on what I was over-packing. I printed all my itineraries, and completed all my lodging plans. I also received my global phone in the mail and need to activate it today (though I plan on using it ONLY for emergencies).

I'm all set. I just have to throw my wallet, passport and few other personal belongings into my bag and I'm ready to board my flight.

Today, I'm going to visit my mom (who thinks I'm not coming home... she's worried sick - I told her she's going to give herself a heart attack). She made me promise I'd call her often (she asked for a call 3 times a day - I'll have to see how that works out).

So that's about it for now. I'm very excited and probably won't sleep tonight!

Stay tuned for more later.


rrsuby25rs says:
V is on her way! I dropped her off at Regan Airport and she was off on her first flight with no issues this morning (even though I landed into BWI after getting back from my work trip from St. Louis at 1:30AM). I had a quick 1 hour nap before having to wake up and get her there at 4:30AM.

She was for sure excited, a bit nervous and a bit sad (because she's leaving me....of course!). I spoke to her right before she left for Dubai where she'll connect into Johannesburg, South Africa. I believe she was getting her first taste of culture before even leaving the States. :-)

I'll try to post every now and then when I speak to her just to let everyone know what she is up to (if she can't post herself because of lack of Internet).
Posted on: Jan 30, 2010
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