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Larry and I packed and relaxed for the most part on Saturday. We did do a bit of walking as there was a Chinese souvenir Larry had seen that he wanted to try to find and purchase. We packed in the metro like usual, as sardines in a can, to go to and walked around the Northeast part of Beijing. We then ate lunch at a new noodle place we decided to try. We tried dumplings as the appetizer and I had a rice meal, while Larry tried a dish of beef with noodles. Our last meal in China was yummy. The meals here for the most part were inexpensive, but large. One meal could probably feed more than one person, but I observed the Chinese eat more than the Japanese. Each meal was a big, heavy bowl of rice and meat or noodles and meat. Some of the meals even came with soup. I ate way more than my share here in China, though everything we tried was good.

While we did see fried crickets, scorpions and silkworms, I can’t vouch on the taste of any of that. I stuck to the common things I would eat back home.

One random thing we saw a lot of - which we agreed was odd, but Larry sort of made sense of it – the toddlers here (we think it’s only those that are not potty trained) wear pants that are open in the back, so they’re butts are hanging out in the freezing cold. We saw many toddlers wearing these at the zoo and in all the parks or gardens we visited. We thought it was too cold to have a child’s butt hanging out in the open like that. Larry tried to come up with a good reason why a parent would make his toddler wear this type of pant, and he thinks it’s to avoid spending money on diapers. It was strange but I guess if you don’t have money for diapers, you have to do what you have to do.

Another observation is people here spit everywhere. Even women do it. I personally think it is un-lady like to walk down the street and spit, but it’s a different upbringing. And similar to India, traffic lights mean very little in Beijing. It was interesting to learn about a different culture and be able to compare it to others and note the differences between the culture and customs here and mine. While I may not agree with everything, I respect the differences.

Now it’s on to Thailand.

Though I contemplated going home with Larry after China, I’d like to thank Larry and my nine year old niece Belly for motivating me to go on to Thailand.

Before I left on my trip, my niece and I were looking on the internet at different cities for me to visit and things to do in each country or city. She was thrilled at the idea of me going to an elephant camp in Thailand. My sister tells me that Belly was very interested in learning about my experience at the elephant camp. She told my sister when she grows up she wants to visit the elephant camp in Thailand too. Larry reminded me I was already so close to Thailand. So while I was considering going home after China, I thought to myself, “I can’t be this close to Thailand and not visit the elephants in Thailand. My niece awaits me with news on how the elephants at the elephant camp are doing.” So I was inspired to continue onward to Thailand. I hope to see happier and healthier elephants in Thailand than those I saw in China.

traveller142009 says:
The name of the Elephant camp in Chiang Mai is called "Training Center Chiang-Dao. I was with a tour group so don't know about prices.
Posted on: Mar 01, 2010
hernandezvero says:
Hey -
I am in Bangkok now... it's been fun so far. I haven't had a chance to try the place you recommended, but plan on doing so before I go on to Chiang Mai. I'll be visiting one of the elephant camps there for sure. I was thinking the Maesa or another one, but have to look into it more. Thanks for the tips! I have to update my blog with stories about Bangkok. Take care!
Posted on: Mar 01, 2010
traveller142009 says:
Have fun in Thailand...I visited an Elephant camp in Chiang Mai (can't remember the name). They also allow you to ride the elephant with an experienced rider of course...If you go to Bangkok alone, be careful at nightime, lest you be mistaken for a you know!!!
Posted on: Feb 28, 2010
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