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My left foot. Still swollen (and please note I am keeping it elevated!), though the black & blue has dissipated considerably...

I’m certain the saga of my left foot pales in comparison to the flick, but it should serve as a perfect closing “footnote” to the Omani travels...


The day after I returned from the grand adventure it was straight to the doctor to have my ankle examined.  X-rays were taken and came back negative --- the diagnosis was a severely sprained ankle, to be treated by the RICE method (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation). Gave this a go for two weeks but the pain remained intense.  I have a manual transmission and if I had to drive anywhere using the clutch was pure agony.  Worse, there hasn’t been a single night that the pain has not repeatedly awoken me (though I guess the positive sign is that it seems to start around 2AM now versus 1:30AM earlier on, lol).


Went back to the doctor and had an orthopedic professional evaluate the x-ray.  New diagnosis is that I ripped all the ligaments off of my ankle bone and can expect a further eight weeks of intense pain.  Apparently there isn’t much they can do but let time heal all wounds, but I’ve started physical rehab and have to wear a foot brace.  I may lose my mind if I can’t go running for such an extended period of time, but there are no regrets.  The experiences gained during this fabulous excursion exceed the pain.  Better yet, I can appreciate a slim slice of wisdom and realize the ankle will rapidly fade from my brain cells while the memories of people we met and vistas enjoyed will persist, and probably be magnified.


But just to be safe, please wait a month or two before asking me about Oman.   :^)

seraphimkarlien says:
Posted on: May 13, 2010
jenn79 says:
poor vance!! =(
Posted on: Apr 25, 2010
johnnyk says:
Ooooo, thats a pretty one.
Posted on: Mar 19, 2010
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My left foot.  Still swollen (and …
My left foot. Still swollen (and…
photo by: vances