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Me with a friend who went skiing
And so we went, again in the small bus, were I not so very charming fell asleep to the person crusching me to the window, as everyone was crushing, and arrived, half awake at the hostel. In the morning we already cleaned out our rooms, which left little room to go to. I changed to comfy bus clothes in a stuffed basement with about the whole class watching my back, but after these days that didn't even really matter. We had dinner and left, again in the bus, 13 hours to home. With a stop at the mac-donalds at 1 am or so, anothing interesting experience... To bad for the people working there on a quiet night...(A) However at 9 we arrived back at school, I don't recall even being to tired, and having such a great time. It seemed to have gone within a day, and It seemed to be so long ago since we left. I went home, but as this time, with some interruptions from the person next to me, who had to do things like crushing my ribs and standding on my toes in the middle of the night, I did got some sleep in the bus. So I just didn;t do anything on monday, and went to bed early. Now, almost a week later, can't believe it has been so long already, I'm still a bit tired, though  my muscles are fine again. For everyone considering wintersport, oif you want to have a great time, do a great sport, even when you;re not any good, go snowboarding and have much pain, or go skiing, which, with referrence to my friends, causes much less, (i'm not saying none) pain, but does looks a bit more boring:P Anyway ,you'll probably have a blast 
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Next morning I thought I could never have more trouble walking than I had then. My legs, my back, my neck, wel everything hurt, however we had breakfast and went, again to the pisten. The morging started with something like an audition, we all had to board down the slope, to see wheter we could join the semi-good snowboardgroup. My and another girl got to go to the next group. And though I was sad to leave my classmates and teacher, ofcourse I thought it very cool I could go. So we went of the blue piste, haha for so long the fun. Falling is one of my specialties, but nothing broken I got down eventually. with some scratches at my face though, which isn't very charming. And very, very tired, so I went back to practise some more on my frontside and turns at the slope, with my old class. Another fun day, closed by a little longer apres ski. Back home., with a much bigger bus this time, we had dinner, and afterwards I went to a room with other friends were I eventually spent, a much more quiet, night. That didn't kept me from being completly unable to walk, stand up, or actually move at all of the pain everywhere. Though I really wanted to, as wel arrived at the pistes, I stayed down, for both my and, others savety. Luckily I wasn't the only one, and so I went together with the skigroup, which was now at a level were they could go down the little slope. I joined in practising slalom, which is actually quite difficult with a snowboard, and not being very good at it, and so in stead of a very learning day, I had a very nice day with friends, and a very long apres ski.
Not as easy as it looks, at first. All very overheated, with far to many is a bus, after half an hour we arrived at skiwerld Zaucensee. I dont know much about ski areas, but I liked this one, many pistes, and the people with us that can ski, and did it before, seemed to like the area. Anyway, here I was, snowboard in my hands, at the famous childrensslope. This was even more cleared by the plstic snowdolls and bouncycastle like practicing areas. Anyway, we learned how to snowboard in less than a day. We were with I guess 15 people or so and a snowboardteacher. After an hour or so most of us were able to get down the hill without too much embarrasing falls and sittings. Next to us the ski class beginnners were still down the hill, going up sidewards, and very slowly, so that incouraged us;) Together with a friend it went quite well, so we were put together to help eachother, which at the first wasn't the case, but working together went better with time. We even went backward, which now seems rather pointless, but then very good:). Anyway we wanted to learn how to turn around, and so were very sorry as wel were sent into the skibar. Apres-ski, I never understood the fun of it, but suprisingly enough, after a day of snow, it was much fun, also hearing the stories of my friends who were doing the skiclass. We went home, in the same very small and crowded bus, but this time we were all soaked so the whole bus probably went steaming trouhgh the mountains. I was very glad to have a seat next to the window(A). Arrived at the hostel we got to get to our rooms, and to settle ourselves a little, before we went eating and showering in two shifts, (the dining room wasn't big enough for all of us). After some tablefoot and having laugh we all went to bed, tired after a long day.
After a week of exams, or actually four days, we left in the afternoon. It's a great way to start a snowboardtrip, tired... Anyway our bus left school around 6 and we drove to Austria. That's about a 13 hour trip I believe, so we were glad the chairs went down so we could get some sleep. Which, ofcourse, we didn't really had. We arrived at our youth hostel, more about that in my revieuw, where we couldn't enter our rooms at 7 in the morning, so we dumped our luggage at the gym, and changed into ski-clothing. Skiers were the first to get their equipement, and as we were with 120 people, it took a while before we, the much cooler;), snowboarders got our stuff. This gave me some time to see which people were going to join me in the beginner snowboarding class. And to have a look around me. I'm not sure how high in the mountains we were, but at least it was very white around me. It was white as wel left the Netherlands as well, but there was much more snow here. I never saw many mountains, for we aren't called the lowlands for nothing, so the alpen peaks were very beautifull and new to me. After more than an hour I got to fit my snowboardboots, got a snowboard and a helmet, which are suprisingly enough quite comfortable, and got myself, again seated in the much smaller bus from our hostel, we were finally to depart to the pistes.
Me with a friend who went skiing
Me with a friend who went skiing
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