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At the end of November last year i came back from an 11 month backpacking trip through asia. One thing i knew i had to do is have something to look forward to when i got back. When i was in Vietnam one night i randomly booked some cheap flights to Berlin for myself. I intended on going alone and in the end, a few mates decided to jump on the bandwagon.

So we met on the 14th at lunch time and headed to Bristol Airport for our flight, we arrrived in Berlin at around 9pm. Being the only one to of travelled before it was down to me to get us all safely to the hostel. This involved searching out the S-bahn and getting to Zoologishcer garten. Annoyingly the hostel we stayed in had given us the wrong instructions, luckily i realised this and we managed to get there two hours later( after ending up on one train heading in the wrong direction.

After checking in to the hostel, where i was pissed off with the guy there. He asked me if we would be needing bed sheets, of course we would be needing fucking bed sheets you tit.We got in dropped our bags and headed out in search of a bar, we werent in the best part of town but we did find one eventually. At 5 euros a beer it was pricey but the music selection in there was awesome and the landlady gave us free pretzels that we demolished. We also sucessfully avoided the strip club, much to Nathans( one of the other guys) dissapointment.

The next morning we had to waste about  2 hours when one of my mates needed to buy some better shoes, as his pumps had broken and snow was just filling up in them, causing him some agony. What a knob! He ended up with some shoes that wouldnt look out of place in a Robin Hood film.

Finally we got to go off and explore.On the way through the Tiergarten we had a nice suprise, a Hooters bar, somewhere we would be taking advantage of later on.

We headed for the Brandenburg gate, and usually i can be abit underwhelmed by similair things in cities but if im honest, it was very impressive. We got our photos there and then walked down laughing at the stupid checkpoint shit they have infront of it and towards the Reichstag, which again was another very impressive building. Sometimes i enjoy just walking round aimlessly and luckily my mates were the same, it was bloody freezing aswell, so after about 6 hours of walking in the cold we walked back through the tiergarten and chilled in our hostel. It was nice to warm up and get an amazing kebab from outside the hostel.

After chilling out we headed to an irish bar nearby which was abit shit and run by some psycho irish lady that kept asking us if we needed more beer, when we clearly had full pints still. The walk back to the hostel was an epic one, it involved all 5 of us running back throwing snow balls in each others faces for about 30 minutes. Luckily most of the locals found it funny.

Later that evening we went to the hostel bar for a few beers, before heading to Hooters. Being a bunch of lads we were looking forward to this, more so for me. When i was in Chengdu, China my girlfriend said we could go to the Hooters there, then when it came to us going she just turned on me. Needless to say we didnt go in. Hooters was just one of those places that if your away with a group of lads you just have to go to.

The food was great and the beer good, but we stayed around long enough to see the table dancing.haha. Two of my mates bought hooters t-shirts, and there was abit of confusion and our waitress ended up getting tipped about 50euros. Lucky bitch.

We ended the night in the hostel bar, which with the cheapest beer around was good fun. We met some russian women who were funny as they spoke no english and somehow thought i was James Bond. I went down well with them because i knew a Russian folk song. A couple of the lads went in search of the nightclub nearby but got put off when they got there and were asked to hand over their passports, and nearby saw some guy beating up a woman. What a nice place! haha

The next day we headed to Brandenburg gate again but this time walked the other way towards museum island and enjoyed the architecture and the cold.

More snowball throwing continued throughout the day. We spent a few hours again walking around the city and the lads went up the tower. I however, being a budget traveller cannot condone spending 10euros to go up a tower, in my opinion not worth it. After walking round abit more we headed to Haschermarkt area to a bar for some hair of the dog drinking.

About 5pm we headed back to the hostel and got prepared to go out for a big one, i got talking to some french girls in our dorm and invited them out. They came out but were subjecting so a few jibes from some Irish guys we met on the s-bahn, thats football for you. In the girls defence they were pretty embarassed about how France had qualified for Europe. One of the Irish guys said something funny , he said that when Thierry Henry did that to Ireland the whole country immediatly forgave the english for everything and we now had a common enemy in the french, personally i dont care.

I like the french, but i enjoy inter country banter.

We went back to Haschermarkt at about 8pm for a pub crawl that was organised, by some locals. You had to pay 12 euros to go but got free entry into all the bars and clubs and lots of free shots. In my opinion, it was worth it in the end, we got to meet loads of people and got pretty messed up. We were flying the flag for the English that night so had to prove we knew how to drink, haha. A funny moment was when the french girls didnt realise you had to pay, so one of my mates said we would have to chip in for them, having a girlfriend i had no intention of paying for some other girls to do stuff. I was there to have fun and meet people, i wasnt on the pull.

The night was pretty good, we met people from Ireland, Columbia, Argentina, Australia, Japan and Switzerland among others.

There was plenty of drinking challenges, when i spoke to the aussies we agreed that they wouldnt call us pommes and we would refrain from any shrimp on the barby jokes. It worked pretty well. There was plenty of carnage and at one point the drunk Japanese guy was hitting the cast i had on my arm( i broke it a week before). We hit lots of bars and ended up at the end of the night in a Reggae club, which was great and had flamethrowers and allsorts.

We didnt get in until around 5 am that night, well three of us did. Two of my mates were desperately trying it on with the french girls, only to be denied. We would later find out they were lesbians, thus wasting their time and money, hahahahahahah.

The next morning we were feeling pretty rough, so we didnt want to do too much.

We decided we would go to the zoo, and Berlin zoo came with a pretty good reputation. We were in the zoo for around 3 hours but im sure it would be great in the summer but as we were knee deep in snow, it was pretty shit.We saw about three animals outside( the Polar bears were in their element), we also had trouble working where we had to go to see the animals inside. Abit of a nightmare really.

We planned on having a chilled last evening, but just being sat there things took off and we started getting abit pissed, a couple of my mates ended up fucked and pissed off into Berlin in the middle of the night, before they went they left a present. A blow up doll she was made to have a good night.haha.

The next day we were leaving, but not until the afternoon.

So we spent the day in Potzddammer platz, which was ok. But to be honest the weekends lack of sleep and excesses of beer finally caught up with us and we headed back and crashed until out flight. A great weekend in a great city. I look forward to the next time i go there!

James1985 says:
haha, yeah it was funny getting on the wrong train, at times i felt like i was giving a guided tour as no-one else seemed to want to chip in and help.haha. Good lads though, they gave me enough shit for it!
Posted on: Feb 02, 2010
johnyb66 says:
I hope your mates gave you some shit for not finding the hostel, what with you being the "experienced traveller" :)
Posted on: Feb 02, 2010
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