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Piazza Transalpina border placque

Tuesday started with cloudy skies and class as usual.  In the afternoon during docemntary filmmaking class we took a walking tour of the town to visit some of the places that might be of interest as the focus of our movies.  All 18 students and the translators walked together from the classroom building to the Piazza Transalpina about 20 minutes away.  This is a major historical point of the town because it is a square that is physically on the border with Italy and Slovenia.  After World War II when the lines were drawn the town of Gorizia was cut in half and New Gorizia is now located in Slovenia.  Up until 2004 there was a huge fence with barbed wire protecting the border but now that Slovenia has joined the EU, the regulations are being phased out and they have plans to completely open the border in 2008.

The 4 grils from GA tech at the castle party
  So when you get to this piazza there is no fence and you can walk around anywhere in teh square and be in either country or both at once!  You can walk all the way up to the edge of the train station that flanks the west side of the piazza and touch it, but you are not allowed to enter the building or else you get in big trouble.  This Piazza Transalpina is a major symbol of the division that occurred in Gorizia throughout the centuries because the territory has been part of the Austro Hungarian Empire, Slovenia, Germany, and now Italy.

After the Piazza we walked back towards the center of the town and saw some interesting parks and buildings including the Jewish Synagogue and ghetto which was a major part of the community up until World War II.
From left: Jacamo, Giovanni, Andre, me, Daniele, and Meredith talking at a side table
  We finished our tour by climbing up to the castello (castle) and walking along the battlements and visiting all the rooms which housed an art exhibition by Italian artists.

At 4 we broke off because half of us had a film screening for Horror class.  We watched a movie called Deep Red by Dario Argento.  ALthough a bit gory for my tastes, the cinematography and the soundtrack by the Goblins made it an exhilerating thriller to watch and kept you guessing the entire time as to who the killer was and whether or not they were even human or if you were dealing with what we call the supernatural or the fantastic.  Needless to say I was a bit creeped out after watching the movie and made sure I did not walk back to the hotel alone!

Tuesday night after dinner everyone got cleaned up and we went to the Cafe Vittoria right next to our school where the students from the University here were hosting a party in our honor.
Me and Debbie having a ball at the party
  they had been advertising for it all over town and so pretty much every college age student in Gorizia came which was awesome.  They had little snacks and american food for us: chips, chicken nuggets, fried mozzerella, and carrot sticks.  There were pitchers of white wine and this mixed drink called martini rosa which is a drink made with a liquor called martini and then this red stuff kind of like grenadine, but bitter instead of sweet.  They put slices of oranges in it to flaot around and flavor it.  All in all it kind of tastes like hunch punch but not as potent and not as sweet.  They had 3 different djs that spun throughout the night and everyone hung out in the bar and then the party spilled out into the courtyard which flanks our classroom building.

Throughout the night we talked with our translators and made many new friends.  The three boys I had met the night before out at a bar came by and asked to see me so I came outside from the dance floor and we talked for about an hour before the party started to wind down.  Dancing here is so much fun because everyone just grooves to the music in their own style.  They listen to mostly dance or house music rathern than hip hop which is the norm in Atlanta.  Although it is new and different for me it is a welcome change because here you jsut dance however you feel.

We stayed at the Cafe Vittoria until the party ended about 3 in the morning and then headed back to the hotel to get a few hours sleep before class at 8 seems like these pesky classes really get in the way of the study abroad experience!

Wednesday was fairly uneventful except that on Wed night there was a big dance party at the castle.  In the summer they have a party here every Wed night, but this was the first one of the season so it was a huge kickoff event.  Almost everyone in our program had left ot go to Prague and Vienna for the weekend but 5 of us that were still here decided this was an event not to be missed.  I had made plans the night before to meet up with my new friends Andre, Giovanni, Conrad and Daniele at the party.  After having a drink at the hotel we went to the Cafe Vittoria where our new friend Christian and his girlfriend Carla met us and walked up with us to the party.  The castle was all lit up on the outside, and the party took place on one of the turrets.  They had a bar in the round and a dj playing all kinds of music from techno to 70's classics.  We stayed from about 11:30 until about 4:30 listening to the music, talking with friends, and making new aquaintainces.  The dancing was fun, the views of the city incredible, and the memories will last a lifetime.

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Piazza Transalpina border placque
Piazza Transalpina border placque
The 4 grils from GA tech at the ca…
The 4 grils from GA tech at the c…
From left: Jacamo, Giovanni, Andre…
From left: Jacamo, Giovanni, Andr…
Me and Debbie having a ball at the…
Me and Debbie having a ball at th…
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