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Finally got to see an island properly today!  There were a couple of trips you could do from the boat but we decided to rough it! There were a couple of government authenticated taxi drivers just outside of the port offering to show us the best of Antigua, so the 9 of us jumped in a big taxi with him. He took us through the centre of Antigua, All Saints, which was so strange. It was what I expected from the Carribean, loads of wooden huts, some which were amazing and others that were....well shacks! But along wi9th these houses, and vast amounts of green land were shops like "PC Centre" and KFC and PVC window shops! I wouldn't normally like stuff like that, I hate when you go to a proper little town and some Westerners have gone and dropped a big ole Multi-chain store in the middle, but they weren't like this at all, it was great!

We stopped off a few places to take pictures and to visit a couple of market stalls that were set out, before heading for Nelsons Dockyard and Shirley's Heights. The two had obviously been renovated for tourism, but not in a cheese way. It was done to show people There's a really nice hotel in the Dockyard were you can go and eat too, but I don't think you could really go for more than a couple of days, there's not a whole lot to do unless you travel out into other parts of Antigua.

He then took us through the "Rain Forest" though he did mention it very rarely rains...and to a beach which was very nice, and again had been adapted for tourists, but not fully, it still had an original feel too it, there weren't a load of poeple trying to sell sun beds and there were even Antiguans sat having food and a drink in the bars!

Afterwards we went back to the ship, but not before checking out a few of the shops! The people in the shops are really nice, non of them were pushy, something that seems to happen alot when youre abroad, there were a few nice bargains each.....though saying that £7000 for a Rolex is still out of my budget even if it is £2000 cheaper than at home!

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photo by: cmgervais