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Arequipa is awesome! weather is cold...but is worthy to tolerate it! Going to Colca canyonn was a hole adventure and seeing those hugeeeeeee condors flying all over the place was pretty cool!!! Also, i enjoyed a lot the hot swim at those naturals 'aguas termales' (dont forget to do that! is so relaxing!).
And i chew COCA!well the taste is so weird..and ur mouth turns green! haha so funny! but just for a little bit. As a dentist i can tell the green color goes away..but just if u dont chew it everyday! The sensation is so WEIRD! is like a ritual u have to do..and then mix the leaves with some little stone and chew it for a while and then u wont feel ur tongue! is like anesthesia! Well, people from there use them because they have to walk a lot and do hard work and they need energy and COCA leave dont let them be hungry.
Interesting uh? Also, u will be giving hugs to Lamas, vicunas...and maybe in one of those little towns in the tour u will find the guy that put the AGUILA ( a huge bird) in ur hat!! as one of my pictures here!
Food is good...and the restaurants I recommend are: Sol de Mayo and Montoneros..specially the last one.
U can also see Misti volcano...but there are other volcanos too! and u can take tours to go close...hehe i didnt do it..but im sure is amazing.
U cant leave Arequipa before visiting to JUANITA!! whos Juanita! well..she is a mummy, the Ampato volcano girl was discovery in 1995 at the volcan Sabancaya (6,380 of altitud) and had for more than 500 years that girl who was about 13 o 14 years old, she was offered to the Apu Ampato for the Incas priest. And u can see her freezed in very good conditions!...
her body was remarkably well-preserved throughout five centuries. She is currently encased in a special glass box and kept at constant cold temperatures to continue conserving her body.
For partying there is a place called Forum, also i recommend Dejavu(with life music and more like a bar)..but party isnt like Cuzco(everyday) more quiet..just on Fridays and Saturdays.
I LOVE MY COUNTRY AND IM HAPPY I CAN PUT ALL THIS INFO HERE!!HAHAHA...:) love this place!! i just signed on here and i just love it!!! traveling is the best! and believe me! Peru has a lot to offer!

PD: Arequipa isnt in a little mistake from TravBuddy...
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photo by: halilee