Forever and a day on the bus.

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I took a bus from foz do iguacu brazil to buenas aires Argentina it took 19 hours and 15 minutes. It felt like forever and a day I went with a friend I met in brazil which made it a little better but there isn't really a way to sugar coat damn near 20 hours on a bus. While on this what can only be called a bus odyssy I saw some pretty amazing things just looking outbthe window at Argentina passing by i was able to see a ton of great stuff. But it's what I saw on the bus that's even better. Along the way there were several checkpoints where the argentinian police would board the bus and Check our Passports. My friend Patrick was getting his looked at and the officer looks at him looked at the passport and walked away with it off the buss we both were like what is this? I meen we were at a check point out in the middle of nowhere this would nit be the place to have a passport problem finaly the officer comes back and searches his bag and I guess he didn't find what he was looking for because he gave him the passport back and we were in our way. It was a little scary because you never know what's going to happen. After a while a dubbed over version of a Steven segal movie with no sound came on and I dozed off only to be awakened by possibly the most out of place thing I've seen in some time. It was early 80's MTV music videos. The first one was take on me you know the awesome one with the guy who comes out of the sketches into real life, then a few other fun one and then the crowning jewel of all there was a ghost busters music video you Know the song "who you going to call... Ghostbusters!" I never knew there was a video for that it was spectacular. After that I went back to sleep happy. It was a hard travel day filled with dirty Argentinian bus food and a lot of bumpy roads. Now i really feel like I am a south American backpacker.
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