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Omar & Nelly captaining the boat towards Little Corn.
Hello all,
Today I got to dive two of the sights off the Northwest corner of Little Corn Island. Nautilus Dive Center took us over in their glass-bottomed dive boat which only has a 55hp motor, so the trip took us about 40 minutes to get to the spot. We dove the White Holes for the first dive, did our surface interval on a deserted north side beach on the island. The second dive we did was near the other sight, and was called the Shark Holes.

Both dives were pretty shallow, and were also perfect for snorkelling. There were even a few rocks and coral bits poking out above the water. On the trip over to Little Corn we were passed by the ferry, and Jenny from the previous diving fun waved to us from the boat. We also noticed that we were pretty much surrounded by rainy areas off in the distance.
Melissa checking out the forboding clouds up ahead.
The south end of Little Corn soon became visibly enveloped in a sheet of rain that we could see from miles away.

Just before reaching the diving sight we drove right into the rain. I had never dove in the rain, but there are few problems really. Other then lightning or heavy winds I guess it's not really a big deal. We set up our equipment and jumped in, by the time we sufaced 50 minutes later the rain had gone away for the day.

On the dives we got to see multiple Nurse Sharks, and we had the chance to see them very close up. We clumsily crept up to one that was lying on the sea floor and observed him from about 6 feet away. They are beautiful and sleek looking to be certain. Later we saw the biggest Nurse Shark yet. It had to be at least 7 or 8 feet long, and Veronica did a great job of spotting it and helping us sneak up on it.
Ian analyzing the rain in the distance. Check out the rain in the extreme right of the pic.
We also saw a Spotted Eagle Ray from a distance, and a few Southern Stingrays.

The second Southern Stingray we followed as it tried to find a nice relaxing spot to dig itself into the sand. It was being followed by a small school of fish that was attempting to find food in the sand it stirred up. It eventually found a good spot and we left him to his rest. There were also a good deal of Sea Urchin at this spot, and I observed a few different varieties. The Spiny Lobster we found was huge and by himself, he was in a defensive stance and allowed us to get close enough to brush his huge antenna.

We also saw some of my favorite, the small Banded Shrimp. We came upon a few families of the little clawed beauties hiding within the caves and ridges of the coral. Other then Blowing Rock, these dives certainly had many more forms of sealife. And the shallow dive profile allowed us to stay submerged much longer and use less air. When logging the dive later on I realized that the second dive was my 15th dive. I have more then doubled my dive amount while here, and I will be able to add to that total later on in the trip in the Honduras.

Mike, the hotel owner bought me a beer when I got back to the Paraiso beach. I sat outside and tried to be social, but the lack of breeze soon drove me back in to the air conditioned room. I had dinner at the hotel and hit the sack. Tomorrow afternoon is the flight back to Managua.

Later, Phil
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Omar & Nelly captaining the boat t…
Omar & Nelly captaining the boat …
Melissa checking out the forboding…
Melissa checking out the forbodin…
Ian analyzing the rain in the dist…
Ian analyzing the rain in the dis…
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