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View of Picnic Center from the diving boat. Check out how green the water is.
Hello all,
I woke up a bit early today which gave me a little extra internet time at the hotel. It also gave me some time to catch up on the blogs, which I have been unable to post at the hotel for some reason. Yahoo email doesn't work here either, so it is quite possible that friends and family may have thought I'd fallen off the edge of the earth, or gone native or something.

It really is strange how I've gotten into a certain groove here. My day consists of waking up somewhere around 7am, then getting ready and relaxing for a few hours. Around 9am I head out to the main road to get to the dive center, or yesterday the ferry for Little Corn. After I'm done diving at around 2pm, I head back to the hotel to trun on the air conditioning and take a shower to wash of the salt water and sweat.
Blowing Rock. Out in the middle of nowhere.
By that time I am very hungry, so I usually grab some food at the hotel, or take a taxi somewhere for some food.

After that, given the Corn Islands laid-back restaurant service it's usually getting a bit dark by 5:30pm or so. I then retire to the now cool cabina to watch some tv or a movie on the computer, and use the internet. Usually I would be sleeping by 10 or 11pm. Only a few times have I ventured out after dark, I usually don't have the energy. It could be the tropics just draining me of energy, or maybe it's the diving. We'll see what happens when I leave the islands on Friday.

But the big news for today is that I got to dive Blowing Rock! Blowing Rock is a volcanic sea-mount about 25km east of Big Corn Island, it had just enough activity many years ago to break the surface of the Caribbean Sea.
Jenny & Veronica coming up from their longer dive at Blowing Rock.
All around the surface breaking rocks there are wonderful underwater rock formations that are covered with coral. The formations are perfect for attracting sea life from many miles around.

We were on the schedule to take Nautilus' bigger dive boat out to Blowing Rock, but apparently it wasn't ready yet. Nautilus took care of this by getting a boat on loan from somebody. It appeared to be about the same size, but I believe it had a bigger motor to get us out there faster. The boat crew loaded 10 tanks and all of the equipment on the boat and we were off. Four of us were going to dive, Veronica, Jenny, Ian, and myself. And Ian's wife was coming along to snorkel. We had a few tanks onboard for backup.

It took us about 30 minutes to get to the spot, and the seas were not too rough.
Yes, that's me. I'm all blissed out and goofy looking with salt water in my hair.
The dives themselves were beautiful. We dove with multiple Nurse Sharks, Black-Tip Reef Sharks, Southern Stingrays, Lobsters, and a huge Loggerhead Turtle that we spotted just as we surfaced. The surface interval of about an hour between dives was a bit rough. I am fine on a boat when it's moving, but while standing still the waves hit you from all directions so there's more of a tendency for seasickness. We snorkelled for a bit between dives looking for more sharks, as that soothed the bit of seasickness that Ian, Melissa & I were getting. Everything was fine once we jumped back in the water for the second dive.

The boat ride back was nice, but the highlight was our spotting of a flying fish near the boat. I never imagined how fast and far one of these little buggers could go.
The delicious 'rundown' at the Nautilus Restaurant.
It was hovering just above the water seemingly only propelled by it's tail just touching the water. An unbelieveable sight to be sure. We were also treated to some great views of the beach and bay where the Picnic Center restaurant is. The boatman buzzed some of the kids swimming near the beach, much to their delight. After we got back to the shore, it was time for the rundown.

The five of us gathered at the Nautilus restaurant to partake in the Corn Islands delicacy 'Rundown'. The stew of multiple types of seafood, shellfish, and all sorts of vegetables, boiled down in coconut milk was served in a huge bowl with limes on the side. We had ordered for the five of us on Monday, and it was delicious. There were big hunks of fish, conch, shrimp and crab in the stew, and there was a need to watch out for bones while eating. We also identified chunks of cassava root, breadfruit and melon that were stewed to be soft and delicious and had taken up the flavor of the seasfood. It was a delicious meal, and I felt bad that I couldn't finish my bowl.

After getting back to the room and washing off the salt water, I spent the rest of the night in the internet spot. It started out wonderfully cool and air conditioned to keep the computers cool, but as we got closer to closing time they turned the A/C off and it quickly got uncomfortable. The room felt great, and I was due for a crash into the bed after I got back.

Tomorrow is the last day of diving in the Corn Islands, and Friday afternoon I head back to the mainland.

Later, Phil
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View of Picnic Center from the div…
View of Picnic Center from the di…
Blowing Rock.  Out in the middle o…
Blowing Rock. Out in the middle …
Jenny & Veronica coming up from th…
Jenny & Veronica coming up from t…
Yes, thats me.  Im all blissed o…
Yes, that's me. I'm all blissed …
The delicious rundown at the Nau…
The delicious 'rundown' at the Na…
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