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Corn Island from the diving boat. The tiny island has a highest point oh 225 metres.

Hello all,

Well, I almost overslept today.  As I went to sleep last night I considered the possibility of setting my mobile phone alarm, but dismissed the idea as ludacrous mainland thinking.  I awoke nicely and peacefully at 9:10am, and then I realized the time and that diving starts at 9:30am.  I was in full on rush mode, and made it to Nautilus about 10 minutes late.  Not bad.

Veronica and Jenny were there, and there was also a new couple from California, Ian and Melissa.  Ian & Melissa are planning on building a hostel or hotel on Corn Island, and were here looking at real estate.  Melissa is orginally from Chicago, right up the road from my hometown of Milwaukee.

View of the beach near the Nautilus Diving Center.
  Ian is an experienced diver, but maybe not as much as Jenny, and Melissa was just along for the snorkelling from the boat.

So I am still the diving rookie it seems.  But Ian is a big guy, so at least I have somebody along whose air consumption will better match mine.  As we take the panga out to a new dive site Veronica gives us the dive instructions.  Jenny is still to be my dive partner for today so that Veronica can get a good idea of Ian's skills underwater.  The dives consist of loads more beautiful coral and beautiful sea life, but no new knock-your-socks-off type of sea life.  It's pretty cool to see Melissa following us from time to time on the surface snorkelling.

I still beat Ian on air consumption for both dives, but we all come up together on the second dive as we've used up our bottom time.  After reaching the shore, and then the center, we all sit down for a nice sociable drink or two.  It's so nice to run into great people while travelling, and there are now two more I've met.  The five of us discuss diving plans for the next three days.  We will all take Tuesday off for diving.  Then Ian, Jenny & I will dive Blowing Rock on Wednesday.  Blowing Rock is a volcanic sea mount 25km easy of Corn Island, and we need a different boat to get there which isn't available tomorrow.  Then Ian & I will dive near Little Corn Island on Thursday.

We also all decide to order ahead to get the island specialty, a rundown, for Wednesday .  Also known as rondon, rundown is an island seafood stew that cooks for a day plus.  They use a coconut milk base and throw in everything.  I expect tons of veggies and seafood, and I expect deliciousness.

Jenny and I decide to take the ferry to Little Corn Island tomorrow, and Veronica may come along if she has no dives to master.  I spend the rest of the evening lazing around the hotel grounds, only emerging for a trip to the beach to search for crabs, and to get a Coke for the room.  Strange how I've only been eating one meal a day.  It's a groove I get into while diving.  I don't like to eat before going in, so breakfast is out.  And when I eat as late as 4pm I'm not hungry before bed.  No diving tomorrow, maybe I'll eat more.  :)

Later, Phil

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Corn Island from the diving boat. …
Corn Island from the diving boat.…
View of the beach near the Nautilu…
View of the beach near the Nautil…
Corn Island
photo by: swhayden