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The view of the Pacific Ocean from Hostel Playa Azul.

Hello all,

Well today was not all that exciting.  I checked out of the Melia Panama Canal as late as possible (1pm), so as to take advantage of their internet connection.  So I got a really late start on doing anything today.  I was in the casino last night until about 3am, so I figured I could use the sleep.  I was just playing the $2 blackjack table for about three hours and came out down $27.  Not so bad.  My last hand I split 8's four times, and doubled down on one of them.  Dealer had a 5 showing, and another player hit on his 16 for some reason.  Ooooof.  So I was that close to coming out ahead.

Ater checking out I crossed the isthmus to head for Gamboa.  Gamboa is along the canal road and is home to a few eco-lodges in the jungle.

Hostel Playa Azul in San Carlos, Panama.
  Unfortunately, there's not alot to be seen from the road, but it was still a nice drive.

After that I headed into town to get my bus ticket for Friday morning.  There is only one bus company, with one daily departure to San Jose, Costa Rica, and I had heard that advance tickets were a good idea.  There were two spots left for the 15 hour ride, so I snapped one of them up.  I guess I made it just in time.  Nice.

I then crossed over the Bridge Of The Americas over the Panama Canal in order to head west along the Pacific Coast.  There was a little bit of traffic over the bridge, but after that it was smooth sailing four-lane jhighway.  I drove about 90 minutes through the interior and back down to the shore looking for a nice beach, and a nice cheap place to stay for the night.

The beach in front of the hostel Playa Azul. Where the Mato Ahogado meets the Pacific Ocean.

I checked a few places in San Carlos before settling on the Playa Azul Hostel right on the beach.  Very cool, cheap, and air conditioning too.  Now the average price for the three nights in Panama is back on my budget projections.

I am currently at an internet place in Coronado about 15km up the road.  San Carlos' only webspot closed at 5pm.  I am going to head back to the hostel for their BBQ tonight.  Sounded delish and cheap as well.

Tomorrow morning I going to have to get up and gone by about 8am to get back to town, turn in the rental car, and take a taxi to the bus station by 10:30am.  BTW, Panama City's bus station is spectacular!  It is like a fancy mall.  In fact it is right next to a fancy mall as well.  I love the citys that have a central bus station.  San Jose has several that are in different parts of the town, so I am not looking forward to that.

The bus to San Jose should get in to town at about 1 or 2am, and I haven't gotten a room yet.  All of the places online seem to want a deposit or full payment in advance, and I always like to see a room before staying somewhere.  I didn't really want to stay in San Jose anyway, so I may just stay in a bus station for 4 or 5 hours to wait for the first bus to La Fortuna in the morning.  If so, it will be a long night.

Wish me luck!

Later, Phil

nadji says:
Hi, the Panama City's bus station is near Albrook Mall, I hope you enjoyed your visit at PTY.
Posted on: Jun 20, 2007
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The view of the Pacific Ocean from…
The view of the Pacific Ocean fro…
Hostel Playa Azul in San Carlos, P…
Hostel Playa Azul in San Carlos, …
The beach in front of the hostel P…
The beach in front of the hostel …
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