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Hello all,
I woke up this morning without the benefit of an alarm. Unfortunately I have a lingering cough from whatever sickness I had earlier in the week. It's been keeping me awake for long streches of the night, and it is downright annoying to be sure.

The shuttle picked me up right at 9:30am, and we ended up with six other people for the trip to Antigua, and then on to Guatemala City. The weather was great this time and I got to see the scenery that I had missed on the rainy ride into Panajachel. It was a gorgeous drive in perfect weather. The views were unbelieveable, with every switchback yielding a different, breathtaking perspective of Lake Atitilan. It took us a full 90 minutes to get out of view of the lake and get on a straight and level highway. But once we were there the shuttle flew to Antigua. Antigua's roads are cobblestone, and I had to fight off a headache as we drove around dropping everybody else off. Everybody but me exited in Antigua, and then we were off to Guatemala City.

The roads on the way there were good, and other then getting stopping for a police checkpoint it all went quite smoothly. The driver seemed to know where he was going as we whizzed into the center of the city, but he had to ask for directions a few times as we got close. The travel agent where I had bought the shuttle ticket had them dropping me off at the Linea Dorada bus station near the main station downtown. After being dropped off there, and waiting in a 25 minute line, I found out that the next bus to Rio Dulce left at 9pm. The agent recommended another bus company nearby, and I hauled my stuff the three blocks there.

I arrived at the next station just in time to hurriedly purchase my ticket, throw my bag at the attendant, and jump onboard just as we pulled away at 1:20pm. The bus took a while to get out of town, but once we did things moved reasonably fast. The movies were Braveheart, Gladiator, and 300 along the way, and the A/C was nice and cool. We made one food stop along the way, and I grabbed a snack, which I realized was my first food of the day.

As we closer to the Caribbean the predictable downpour started. The bus pulled into Rio Dulce at about 7:45pm, and it was good and dark by then. Thankfully, the bus dropped us off quite near the easily marked marina/hotel I had selected, and the streets were still full and safe. I checked into Bruno's, kicked on the A/C, and went for some food. I arrived at the restaurant just in time to see a the 1-1 Argentina/USA football match go to a 4-1 Argentina blowout. But the food was ok, and the Moza was cold.

Tomorrow starts my four day sailing adventure aboard Las Sirenas, so there will be no updating on the fly. I will keep a log onboard and post when I return.

Later, Phil
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Rio Dulce
photo by: islander23