What an experience, not what i was expecting.

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I apologize, I know i said i would write a new entry everyday. However i failed to acknowledge the fact that wi-fi is not availible many places on the road. We are now staying in a KOA, which I am sadly unsurprised that America's lack of spelling skills continues to showup in many places. An example being that KOA stands for "Kampground of America". Anyways more on my trip across the Midwest. To back track.... We stayed in Spokane for one night and i had a blast with my aunt Wendy whom we were visiting. The next morning we found ourselves back in the RV and pumped to get on the road again, our destination being Butte Montana, that b-yout not butt. Hours later after our energy had worn to tha bare minimum, with the exception of my three year-old sister Ruby whos energy never reaches a low level. We drove for close to five hours yesterday and the heat was intense. The landscape was beautiful, it was brown and yellow hills with lava rocks flowing in various place. As beautiful as it was i have to say i miss Oregon' s abundant greenery and the cascades.This isnt exactly the vacation i was expecting. Being in tight quarters with an exhausting child and constantly moving and being in terrible heat can be very stressful. My mom has just flown in to meet us though and she will travel with us the rest of the way, i am very happy she is here. I think with her here the stres slevel will go down alot. Here in Utah the temperature is spiking 107 degrees. and it is hot! I am constantly drinking water now, because yesterday I got sick due to dehydration. This trip will only get better however soon we wont be just driving and camping after tomorrow we will be in Golden Colorado for three nights so that will be a great break from the driving and i will be able to hike and bike and get my own little dose of home. Well i am going to go take a swim i will write the next time i get wifi which will probably be in Golden. I promise these blogs will get more exciting...please continue to read!!
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