Ah the midwest, well I am NOT in Oregon anymore

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Well I am now in the midwest. It is everything and nothing like i expected it to be. Missouri is vast and flat and is covered with corn field after corn field. Unlike Oregon there are no mountains or pine trees in view. It is however so beautiful and the Mississppi river is amazing. Every time I look at it it reminds me of Huck Finn and Jim and Tom Sawyer. Get this, our first time here we went to an elks loidge for family fried chicken night. I will guiltily admit that i somewhat enjoyed it. The guilt i felt afterwards was terribble but the last time i ever ate anything like that was...god i have no idea when. I am still sick, only i no longer have heat stroke. I may have tonselitis...(spelling). My throat is killing me butill live. We are heading to Nashville, TN.Attractions we have vistited could not be more American. In Golden Colorado we went to the Coors Beer brewery. I will admit that tour was kind of cool . Its free and if you are over twenty one, you get three free large beers. Also in Colorado we went to The Air Force Academy, My grandpa went there from '59-'63. It ws really cool to see the school and hear about all his flashbacks.We were in Colorado for three nights and after that we drove to Salina,Kansas for one night. I dint really see any of it because we got there so late. The drive from Colorado to Kansas was ten hours. Then the next day we got up really early and drove to Missouri, that drive was like most of them, it was only eight hours. The landscape has been really pretty, although it all flat and fields, but I like seeing the small towns and thinking about the people there. The people in these small towns must all know eachother and they must all help eachother out and most of them are probably farmers. It just seems so simple. We are staying with our family friend Melissa. Oh in Colordao we went to this place called the bUtterfly pavillion in Denver. I reccomend this amazing place to everyone. It is a huge room with hundreds of different types of rainforest plants, and HUNDREDS of beautiful butterflies. They fly everywhere, and some land on you. If anyone is ever in Denver, i suggest you stop by the butterfly pavillion.Hmm there really isnt too much else to say. The trip hasnt been to exciting but it has been an adventure. I am sorry my blog is not as juicy as others but, its an rv trip across America what do you expect? 
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