The only thing I love about teaching in Asia is the fact that I am teaching in Asia!

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Jer and me have decided on something geez I hope it falls into place ..we want to go to Australia to study!

He wants to go to the land down under badly but sadly I have already used up my working/travel visa and did not do the mandatory fruit picking that ensures a second year! the next best thing is notebooks and lunch boxes. Suprisingly the laziness I showed by not wanting to pick fruit for 3 months in the hot desserts of Australia has opened a door to the possibility of a new direction in my life. I DO NOT WANT TO BE A TEACHER..geez I know when I decided to study English as my major that basically I was setting myself up for the inevitable but who am I kidding?!

The only think I love about teaching in Asia is the fact that I am teaching in Asia!!

I am not at all ungrateful for this opportunity, except when the cultural differences on lines comes into play..i.e in the u.k we line up whereas in Korea pushing is acceptable grrr...but cultural shock is part of the wow factor and most people I went to school with are happy at home with security and familes of their own, I dont think I am ready for all that..just yet! But I am not a person of teaching material and so I am going back to school...and I am going to do it in style and in heat! I am looking at courses and 'cheap-ish' studies and I think I may do Tourism and Hospitality ooooh!

I would love to own my own hotel or exclusive resort on a beautiful island one day and so this is a step in the right direction..taking chances, expensive chances! Am I dreaming too big?...yep !

Jeremy suggested, or even told, to me that he is getting a dog . I am an animal lover, a vegetarian, so this would be perfect if I wasn't also a realist .travelling with a dog, an English pit bull no less, is not a good plan and I dont want to be responsible for the welfare and happiness of a canine at this stage in my life. So I played the whole guilt trip tactic on him..'Go on get the dog Jer, go on its your life' seems to have worked, I hope, no pitter patter of tiny paws anyway!..

Thanks to all the people who wished me happy birthday it was safe to say a drunken, Korean style, soju filled, beer pong played Mess and I cant remember much before rolling home at 6am !..Im on the recovery ..gym shall comence .....soon

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