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We spent New Year 2010 on the beach, next to a reggae band under fireworks with rum and coke in disposable cups!..I want every yer to be this fabulous! I wanted desperately to get to the Philippines because the year before I had gone to Thailand and I knew how amazing it would be plus my lovely boyfriend has never seen beautiful beaches or travelled in Asia yet and I knew with all of me that he would be in love there.

After fighting with our stupid private school to allow us 4 days to go on vacation  (*anger anger* ) I planned our whole trip. * I love planning not as much as doing but near enough...the preparation, the knowing what to look forward to, the antisipation is just wonderful!*

Anway we fly into Cebu airport on the night of December 27th 2009.

It was such a relief to get there after a 12 hour journey(bus and flight) , even though we landed at 3am and it was humid and hot,we were in Philippines a million trillion miles away from worries..Vacation!! I had researched that the hotel, we had booked for that night, would only cost 30 pesos by taxi to get to so when the taxi driver tried to charge us 250  I was livid. There is one thing about me and that is I wont take noncense I am not prepared to be messed about and there is one thing you should know about Jeremy and that is he will give in for an easy life. So I start attacking this driver about the price and refusing to pay while Jeremy has his hand in his wallet ready to part with 250 pesos...luckily the Welsh girl won and he dropped his price to 100, which I agreed to because quite frankly it was time for bed!!!

Sadly, that put a bad taste in our mouths, luckily, that was our only dilema!

The next day we flew to Kalibo airport where we got a van 1.

Mongolion bbq
5 hours to Caticlan  to get the ferry over to Boracay. The weather was beautful our entire stay and everything just fell into place beautifully. We arrived at friendz via a tricycle ride ( a motobike taxi with a box for passengers to sit in! ) As soon as we arrived we got a complimentary free drink which was either San Miguel Light or normal which we both screamed Normal...Light pfffft not on your nelly!!

Our cabin was so nice in the middle of beautiful trees with a veranda, we were so excited to be there for 5 nights. For that week we did jet skiing (which I was extremely nervous about but I am quite frankly- a pro now!) we ate every kind of food we could. It was a relief not to have a choice between Korean and expensive western food *groan*  There was Mexican, Greek, Mongolian bbqs on the beach, Italian and ofcourse Filippino! We also took ATV's out one day and just had the best time seeing different parts of the island and driving on the open road!

The day we left we flew back in Cebu and stayed in a casino hotel, expensive but only by Philippines standards so still pretty cheap!.

.The buffet was out of this world with every kind of food you could want and being our last day, we took our money to the casino, Jeremy after having a good few goes at the roullette table gave me some chips to dispose of, I put them on 7 and ended up doubling our money!!! This was followed by  having breakfast in bed the next day ; )



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Mongolion bbq
Mongolion bbq
Happy New Year 2010
Happy New Year 2010
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